September 30, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes: Drake and Kylie Jenner Why They Are Not Speaking

  1. I love how petty Jordyn was because that’s something I probably would have done. I do wonder if things had gone to plan would Drake have crossed the line with Kylie even though he and Travis are cool. Guys always talk about loyalty but never practice what they preach.

    1. Yep i love her pettiness too! I’m glad she showed they ass..Khloe included even tho i like those girls they just be needing a wake up call sometimes to know they can be touched too!! They ain’t no better than anybody else!!

  2. Jordyn better hope she ain’t got no tea to spill cause if I was kylie I’d rush right over to that ball player and snitch. You ain’t about to blast me simply because you mad that I cut you off for disrespecting my Sister. That must be why kylie hasn’t befriended her again even after Tristan came back into the picture.

    1. Like why she being petty towards Kylie? What did Kylie do to her besides cut her off bc she messed with third trimester Tristan? 🤔

  3. Was Drake really going to take things further with Kylie? I don’t understand why he would be interested in her seriously. Was he trying to get back at Travis? Is it because she has a new face and body.. and billionaire? Are he and Travis beefing? They don’t seem to be cool with each other anymore. Also g, are Travis and Kylie back on? He’s been commenting on all of her posts. Wtf would Drake want to date Kylie!?!?!? He wants some of that Kardashian curse. LAWD!!!!

  4. Drake didn’t need to take anything further with Kylie, if he is cool with Travis. And even though Kylie and Travis aren’t together they are still overly involved in each other’s lives, past co parenting Stormi. That would be mad awkward. Jordyn did Drake a favour.

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