October 3, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Real Reason Cardi B Went Off on Her Fans Again

  1. Yea I’m not privy to a lot that goes on with her because I don’t follow her or pay attention to any coverage about her on other blogs. I come here for the sugar. U damn right about the fans that built her up…. they r so fickle… she can get brought back down to size real quick! She has a lot of young fans. The younger generation is very off-key with how they operate.

  2. When she said fuck Ariana and through Disney in it I said smh this hoe finally wrote a check her ass can’t cash. Its ova for her! & ya kno wat I don’t feel bad for her. Tha last 3yrs this chic been sayin all kind of shit and gettin a pass she needs to get humbled. The fact that she been put on this pedal stool and been rapping for a few yrs and haven’t gotten any better is beyond me. I’m not a city girl fan but we all kno yung miami can’t rap and she even rapping and sounding better! Cardi get off ya high horse stop fussin with ppl and improve ur craft ppl ova tht rantin shit

  3. That’s cause those same folks was supposed to big her up to tear Nicki down. We’ve been over this before, her support was built on fake love and now that the hate train has passed everybody else is no longer needed to stick around. So she invested into that fake love and is now feeling the effects of it. We tried to tell her but we got called haters.

      1. Rite even tho it seems longer than that but it’s been a short ride for her. I do not like her face anymore! PERIODT & gubye

  4. It’s like she still thinks she’s that regular girl from the Bronx & can say/do what she wants. She forgets that her label put up a lot of money to make her who she is today. I don’t see how she has fans at this point bc she talks to them like they aren’t paying her bills. She needs to grow tf up & shut up sometimes lol

  5. How does she not have management at this point in the game? That’s crazy to me. But I agree she was pushed to get Nicki out and now she’s feeling the pressure

  6. What happened to that Patience girl that was her publicist or something? She needed to have been paired with some strong professional people because she is just all over the place and its been out of hand.

  7. Cardi needs help.. literally just needs to clean house and get some focus. She can’t keep acting like she is living her day to day life in the bronx anymore. She’s been in this industry for a few years now, time for her to evolve. So many other talented woman out there that would love to be in the position she is in.

    Tired of her her being careless and just over the top all the time. She just keeps embarassing herself.

  8. Cardi is exhausting. This is yet another example of people getting into the industry and not completely clear on what they sign up for. Ok, she doesn’t have management, how about shop yourself around Cardi? You are a hot and popping right now. Somebody is bound to pick her up. Of course, she would have to stop acting a fool like she is now. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons she hasn’t gotten management. No manager wants to deal with this…a artist cursing out fans and cutting up on social media.
    Cardi needs to pull it together and clean house. She can do this, if she wants. She just has to be brave enough to walk alone for awhile. Other than that, her ship will sink fast. I keep saying these new “artists” are a trip.

  9. SMH whats up with the spiral hearts and butterflies , and the red sauce and pizza Cardigan ? Mrs Legend LOL tried to erase her pizza twitter and Cardigan went and did the same stupid ritual ALLEGEDLY .

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