September 26, 2022

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11 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Letter To Madonna From Tupac FInally Being Up for Auction

  1. What was said about baseball players and rappers? And since Madonna is a high priestess can’t she throw smoke right back at the dude? Or are they gonna let shit rock since she was falling for a black man.

    1. If I remember correctly, the Elites can only control what goes down in their witchy Hollyweird. Anything outside that realm they can’t touch. Nobody in the REAL world cares that Madge is a priestess and sold her soul. And since most people don’t believe in their(Elites) rituals and black magic, they hold no power. So she could catch a fade too.

  2. Did you see her posting her black kids holding watermelons like picture frames around their face ??!

  3. Chileee I want to know what’s gon happen if it gets into the wrong hands or worse. Whoever buys it just puts it on social media anyway.

  4. 2pac Was in jail Sending a letter to madge and its A high priced item ??? Confessing his Secret love for his female flame ??? cryptography and ciphers was taught by the Panther since years ago so idk yall might understand the value of a letter or a Message if you know the code and how to read that letter IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

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