October 3, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Truth of 2 Corey’s Cory Feldman and Cory Haim

  1. I believe Corey 1000000%!!!!! He’s been saying this for YEARS! I love both coreys, it breaks my heart what happened to them!

    G- do you think haim was killed?

  2. Totally believe the pedo stuff, but I also believe he’s telling a side that makes him look better. I feel that he’s flipping things for example CF said CH told him about the boys club but CF was in Hollywood before CH( he was doing movies in Canada). And CH hated doing that show. You could totally tell by his behavior on the show and around the show at the time, CF wanted to do reality tv. Plus CF is very narcissistic and will flip things to make him look better watch him on marriage boot camp. I was recently watching Sloan Bella on Yt and she channeled CH. I recommend you guys watch because it’s a wow moment that she channeled CH 3 weeks before this doc and he told CF to tell the whole truth and other things like being protective of his mom

  3. My heart hurts. I believe Corey and also feel that Corey Haim may have been killed. I hope that Corey can share his story and bring light to the pedo agenda in Hollywood.

  4. I believe Corey.. C’mon and I feel bad this happened to them. But who is Ricky? Ricky Martin? Ricky Schroder?

    1. It really breaks my heart to know that “the two Coreys” went through this…I had such a crush on both growing up!!

  5. Omg i wanna cry so bad. So sorry for all these victims! Thank God for Jesus because without him we’d all be doomed!!

  6. I believe I have to re-read this to fully understand and digest this,

    G, can you tell us where the doc is or where he can watch it, link or search ?

    Also, that court document ? Who are the parties they are referring too ?

    1. Court Document is from Charlie Sheens ex wife who filed for divorce. That is her statement of the relationship between her and Sheen.

  7. This shit is so sad! I may have to go back and read it again but wat was said about Kristoff??? He was being molested too?? I mean i wouldnt be surprised but I’m not sure of wat part he played in this.

    1. Yeah he never talked about his own molestation he just told stories about Corey and what Corey has told him etc. but at the end they said that kristoff was a victim of sexual abuse also.

  8. Does anyone remember the name of the actor that exposed Spielberg and Tom Hanks name? I’m sure he said these same names. Then he died of suicide, apparently.

  9. I believe him. That’s Wild they been saying that for years and now it’s really getting uncovered. Shame how those adults prey on kids, that’s sick.

  10. I BELIEVE EVERTHING in that documentary! I have met Feldman and his energy is that of a damaged little boy, he is frail and very defensive in body language. I had a small convo with him and I could see the hurt and in his eyes. Charlie Sheen is living his Karma. Haim’s mom, she is part of this trying to make it seem like she was a good mom but she just looks like someone who wanted bookings and dealt with everything after. She is covering everything up. There is a youtuber, who’s son was in hollywood around the 2000’s and Weiss was still allowed to be around kids and asked her for her son to be part of the “horse club”,standing next to a boy who the PR people said, was being abused by him but was fired because they warned the parents. This shit is gross to the core.. I cried when Feldman described the rape of Corey.. and to think, these children thought it was all norma.

    1. I agree with everything you said! Breaks my heart! You can tell Feldman is sincere, you can see the hurt in his eyes.

  11. I believe Corey because his stories never change and was consistent on details. And one thing about molestations and rapes no matter how much the victims use and try to cope with the trauma it never goes away and they relive it everyday ! This is sooooo sick these parents should be fucking ashamed !!!! I’m
    Not playing that shit !!!!!

  12. I believe Corey. His story has never changed and he has been telling it for some years now. If he was lying, somewhere down the line there would be difference in his stories… And as far I know there is none.

  13. Sick sick just disgusting that’s why Charlie got his karma I hope he didn’t mess around with that boy on the show
    And Judy is disgusting I hope she has no peace for what she let happen to her son
    Prayers and protection for corey

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