October 3, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind Kanye West and Jay-z Ending Their Fued

  1. This makes me even more nervous for Kanye. If he puts his music back on tidal, makes a WTT2 with Jay and goes on tour, he will have set everyone up to off him so that they will make the money from his death. This isn’t good news for Ye

    1. I thought the same thing but these people know what they sign up for . Maybe he can find a creative way to prolong it

  2. This makes sense. Because I didn’t see any friendliness on Jay’s face at that party with Kanye. You could see he was irritated. It is straight business and being handled by their ppl. It is What It is.

    1. I think so lol or he just knew jay was trash and was dogging her so he felt like he had to take up for her all the time.

    1. Girlllll listen!!!!! I’m telln u it always looked like he has bad breath that nigga got the foreva yuck mouth ewwwww funky 😂😂😂

  3. Your kanye impression took me out omg it sounds like kanye run shit the way you was saying it. “Cuz i can perform at your wifes church”😭😭😭

  4. Heaven’s Bey impressions are the best 😂 I remember when Kanye was so happy to be presented with that roc-a-fella chain… I really don’t want to see Ye working with Jay again. Even though they made great music together, I just don’t trust Jay.

  5. Great video! We are so lucky to have Heaven and G, I swear…Lol – and the impersonations were on point lmao. Now we need the real tea on why Bey can’t stand Kim or maybe no real reason…lol

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