September 26, 2022

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64 thoughts on “**Breaking News*** Is This What Really Happened To New Edition?

    1. I thought that’s what the whole arguments was about. Bobby is a mess. Him and Ralph will always have problems

    1. That don’t mean shit. You will be surprised how men can cheat while still being married. Now if it true, Ralph can’t be mad at Bobby. He also needs to be mad at his daughter too. But Ralph can’t be mad at Bobby. Hell, Ralph smashed Bobby’s girlfriend while they was together. Okay, remember the biopic when it came on? Okay, remember the part when Bobby was driving that red Lamborghini and he got pulled over by the police for speeding? Okay, in that scene, that was Bobby’s girlfriend. She was already pregnant. But the number one question is, who is Landon’s daddy? Ralph also can’t get mad at Bobby because his daughter is grown. And even they wrong as it is right, Ralph need to step up and make his wrong right to Bobby.

    2. what does that mean? lol You think a piece of paper will stop a man from cheating? Especially if he cheated on you prior to marriage. Always remember, how a man treats you in a relationship is how it will continue after marriage. His wife is probably just going along with the ride because of who he is

  1. Glad I’m up to catch this ☕️! That’s why everyone was looking silently stupid when Bobby was asked about him and Ralph on the B club interview!!! There’s two things men fall out about one is money and the other is well we all know!!! Thanks G. Sad sad

  2. Wow just wow!!!

    Some were alleging the teenage daughter which I couldn’t believe but this is still disturbing nonetheless

    What does it say about BBD still willing to tour with Bobby & some of them have daughters as well?

    Why is Alicia still with Bobby? He’s never going to stop cheating & there’s not enough money in the world to stay with a cheater with known substance abuse problems

  3. i dont think thst is the story but i can be wrong. Ralph and Bobby share lots of skeletons just between the two of them. is this the child Ralph just discovered he had not long ago? always been whispers of Landon actually being Ralph’s child. This isnt out of the ordinary for them every couple if years they fall out, get back together. tThe only problem is Johnny is the spokesperson and he really has no fog in that fight.

    1. Bingo! All Johnny is the replacement guy that is trying to stay afloat. But from what is said, and I am with G on this one when it comes to disclaimers. But Allegedly, it was said that Eddie Murohy had an undercover fling with Johnny. And that it was Eddie was taking care of Johnny. Johnny was flat broke. Okay, remember on the biopic when they broke up, BBD was on one tour bus, Ralph was on his, Bobby on his, and Johnny on his? Uncle Brooke Payne said to their manager that after their first solo albums when gold or platinum, their second solo albums flopped. They was spending the money like it wasn’t nothing to them and they was all broke. They started doing stupid stuff and not coming together. The needed to put whatever beef they had to the side, come together, and be the brothers that they once was. He was right. They let their egos get the best of them.

  4. Okay, after doing a small research, Ralph and Johnny know they asses are wrong! Bobby started up the group, but it was Brooke Payne who was their manager and choreographer who gave the group their name: New Edition. Johnny shouldn’t even have the right to own 50% of the group name period! If anybody should own the name it should have been Brooke and the five original members. But if Johnny wanted a piece of the pie when it came to the name, it should have been 60/40 split. Reason being is that it’s six members, which each member can have 10% of the name and Brooke having the other 40% because he came up with the name. Now that’s how you should percentage a trademark of a name. But nooooooooo…..Ralph and Johnny think their asses are slick. But by the time Bobby, Mike, Ronnie, and Ricky sue their asses as contributing vocals and especially the raps that Ronnie and Mike wrote on a couple of songs ( knowing that Johnny and Ralph can’t rap), they would be glad to give their piece of that trademark.

  5. I’m so confused but I listened to their breakfast club interview, read what Johnny posted and am awaiting Ralph’s commentary which should be coming soon. What I do know is this, if this is what happened, they should have duked it out or some shit. Never let bullshit stop your coin. They make less apart and hell at damn 50 years old, I love them but they really need to grow the fuck up.

    1. Oh and let me also say, if they are going to handle stuff I internally, they need to chill with the subliminals. It’s dumb

      1. Past dumb. No wonder they are not prospering as they is now. All the dumb ass underhanded and Petty shit they doing.

  6. I love Bobby, I really hope that’s not true… Praying for them… but if Bobby, did do that… he’s is dead wrong.. and I understand why Ralph is furious

    1. How is he dead wrong? Look at what Ralph did to Bobby and there is a 50/50 chance that Landon might be Ralph’s son. Now Ralph can’t be all the way mad at Bobby. Like I said earlier can’t get mad at Bobby and not be mad at his daughter. Also, they are grown. Ralph need to sit down somewhere and right his own wrong doings.

      1. I get what you are saying @daradiant1 but that is his daughter that he watch grow up and SHE IS MARRIED now I am not sure when it happened so she may or may not had been married then but dayumm Bob if that is true

      2. Yeah it’s like he was preying on her and Bobby have an oldest daughter I wonder how he would feel and handle it if the shoe was on the other foot…but him and Ralph have a tic for tat relationship

      3. Sleeping with a pass around and sleeping with a man’ s daughter are not equivalent in any way. Men don’t play about their daughtersdaughters !!

  7. hmmm, would that have anything to do with the fact that ralph had a crush on whitney for years? can we discuss that?

    1. Yes so did Mike. Mike stopped talking to Bobby for years when he married Whitney because that was Mike’s crush. Whitney would always use Ralph to get Bobby mad when they were in an argument and say ” maybe I’ll call Ralph”

  8. And Bobby Brown has the nerve to get on Kanye for his foolishness lol… those in glass houses shall not throw stones

  9. Bobby still being Bobby Smh, but how is Ralph gonna be mad at Bobby and he been claiming Landon for years as his son when he know damn well that’s his SON! DNA don’t lie straight twins!

  10. All facts I was waiting on you to touch on this, the daughter is way to far, the line should have been drawn

  11. In the biopic they made mike to seem like the smart business savvy one. I guess that one slipped passed him.

  12. This is crazy and I am so over them. These guys will never get it right so I am done hoping and wishing that they would. The daughter is just as nasty. Why would Bobby even contemplate on sleeping with her? isn’t he already claiming Ralph’s son lol.. This is indeed extremely messy

  13. This is really sad that this is going on!! I agree with you I just knew they were finally gonna get the accolades they deserve!! I was looking forward to the tour too!! Its seems like its always been something with them where they all can’t along after a while. I truly hope they get it together!!

  14. Bobby wrong for sleeping with that man’s child! All the women in the world…his child!? C’mon Bobby smg

    1. Very wrong! She is a cute girl and that makes me feel like he was lusting after her all while playing the “Uncle” role. That is disturbing !!

  15. I LOVE New Edition but they are a mess and have so many skeletons in their closets, my God! I wish they could work out their differences and get it together.

  16. The thing with the trademark, i can understand Ralph doing it. I know it’s a group effect but Ralph is New EDITION!! Now Johnny Gill, i don’t think he shouldn’t trademark anything. Not taking away what he brought to the group after Boddy left. For Boddy to do that kind of mess to Ralph who helped you out with “every little step” when you was too drunk and high. Ralph to put his solo career on hold for the group. Just low down dirty.

  17. G, i was wondering..Did N.E ever had to do rituals especially Bobby since he had the biggest career out of all of them? Is that why he is always drugged up or is it because they were broke?

  18. Yea that’s very out of line childhood friend not just industry friends. Imagine if Ralph did that to Bobby kristina it wouldn’t blow over very well. I gotta say I don’t blame ralph

  19. U calling me your brother but u fuckin my child, Bros don’t do no hoe shit like that. That’s disloyal and cutthroat! I would never fuck with Bobby again. Case close!

  20. Such a crazy would expect these men to be about the paper and capitalize on the second opportunity that was just handed to them..

  21. I would like to know more about Mike and his wife. It seems like they are the best couple. And those three beautiful daughters are everything. I would like to know how Mike feel about Bobby sleeping with Ralph’s daughter. As a father of three girls I would be piss a Bobby too.😑😐

  22. But Bobby really trying to say sorry is the icing on the cake. Bobby should’ve said I’m a sex addict like everyone else. Jeez.

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