October 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth About How Nicki Let the Internet Cost Her A Bag

  1. Nicki was trying to get brownie points back in the public eye. shit knowing the elites they probably paid that dude and organization to pressure her into pulling out and think she would get fans back but it was another ploy to humiliate her AND make her lose money. I need for Nicki to realize that bots are a big portion of her trollers and stop giving a fuck what they think smfh

  2. She should have never pulled out. Just make a statement that she’s there to support the women and make their dreams come true. I just want the best for her.

  3. That selective outrage kills me. That’s why I don’t participate in any public protests because they pick and choose what they wanna be angry about 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. It’s evident this narrative won’t change. Beating a dead horse.
    It’s time for her to quietly invest in businesses, start her family and live in peace for once in her adult life.

    1. Nicki has a new movie coming out. Maybe she should just do movies. It’s clear that the music industry want let her make money doing music anymore. I she she team up with a fashion line. Wish I think will be good for her. At the point she just need to retire and invest her move in other things. She really need find a rich man and have a baby be happy with herself. I just don’t get why she wont let go.

      1. If Nicki really want peace in her life. She must leave the music industry for good. I will love to see her happy and healthy. But she don’t have no one who really care about her. Her mother no good, her father is no good. Her brother we all know is no good. She has no one to give her true love. She has no one to help her make good money moves. She is very lonely. What a sad life for her. I will always support her, because she is strong and she stand up for herself. I wonder her much more can she take before she let it go. It’s time for her to wake up and move on with her life. They won’t stop messing with her until she leave the music industry.

  5. I feel like she’s gonna keep losing until she finally decides to do something else. It’s very clear they no longer want to support her in the music industry, it’s clear the hate train is here to stay, it’s clear that she needs to get a new boo 🤭 (yes I threw that in).

    I saw on some website it wasn’t as legit as other sites, but it said Nicki could be catwoman. Well I’d love to see her acting. It was a passion of hers, maybe she should tap into that.

  6. Wow, that is really messed up how they doing her. Man when they done with u they really done. Sad😥😥

  7. Off topic but i just got finished watching “The Rise of So So Def”…Mariah and JD had a thing b4? Cause she was quite giggly and googled eyes or sum on the show just a minute ago🤔 Also is JD and Bow Bow down??? I mean I kno It’s whoeva pretty much has alot of money but it was his own record label too right??? And if JD and all his artists are down….wat have they dun like rituals they’ve had to do. I kno About Mariah but I wanna kno bout the rest of them too. And Kriss Kross wat happened to them??? I’m not sure if we have discussed them b4. Wat happened to the one that died? Did he really die or was he sacrificed??? G can u give us sum stuff on the So So Def artists or have we had this discussion already??? We’ve talked about sooooo much on here lol

    1. Theres might be a twist of extreme loyalty with Mimi and JD so they might really be bro and sis gotta process this tidbit and chew on it more I dont want to be a blogger but if its true Mimi really is a rider for JD.

  8. I wish someone would try to tell me , give up 10million for a show…I don’t care where the Fuck the show is. When you start treating black ppl with some dignity, in America then and only then I will THINK ABOUT IT..

  9. More to the Mai divorce IDK ALLEDGEDLY but Im gonna chill on this one bcuz it so scandalous IDK how to word it or maybe yall just tired of me chiming in IDK how G gonna approve it ?

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