September 26, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes for 9/11/18

  1. So what Atlantic have in store for her? She should have just took the damn etiquette classes. Now she want to still act a fool when you a new mother you can’t keep going off emotions because it’s no longer about her or offset.

  2. I’m sooooo tired of Cardi’s uncouthed ass!!! She throwing shoes at nyfw like it’s the lhh reunion!! FOH!!! I’m sure Atlantic will bring in a dope ghost writer for her diss record

  3. I did not know Diddy slept with Mary👀. You are the GOAT for a reason G 💪🏾 How is she friends with Misha – did it start as threesome? And did Diddy sleep with Faith as well? I have so many questions

  4. Hey G will you ever talk about Devante Swing i think I’m spelling it right but Devante and how he smacked up timberline

  5. She put out a diss before the incident. I doubt the real diss will be any better with or without a ghost writer. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Is it just my lying ass inter webs or my lying eyes, but can you google “best rap lyricists” and tell me who comes up first! I know you’re lying Google!!!

  7. A Nicki diss record from Cardi B written by……….?

    If you can’t write your OWN diss track then “Don’t”…keep throwing shoes and fighting on site.

    Or take the “L”

    Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Ok a thought popped into my head about this. I’m wondering if someone told cardi to go for nicki that night because that was the same day Mac Miller passed away and they didn’t want as much attention on that for some reason?! (Maybe they’re covering something with his death) something with his death isn’t sitting well with me.

    Maybe I’m crazy but it was just a thought?

  9. Even tho ppl hating Nicki right now if Cardi put out a diss record it better be fire cuz Nicki flow is crazy!!! Cardi rap like she’s reading off a paper 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. was this before the drugs???
    i’m so sick of the nicki n cards like they both was fun neither one is better then other ..
    how does the elites feel about this fight and how does it effect how they feel bout nicki coming for her replacement

  11. oh wow….. about ten years ago (really 13 years ago) a friend of mine told me the exact same thing about Puff and Mary and the promising of Bad Boy..

  12. I like Queen radio…really wish Nikki would stick to fashion and go back to acting…let Atlantic continue to manipulate music..without Nicki the Cardi train will lose steam…they should have left her on LHH and found someone with actual talent to replace NM

  13. But why would Mary be mad at Diddy for not being the First Lady of Bad boy when she never was signed to Diddy label??????

  14. Chile Nick tore into her ass on that show. Post partum is not something to play round with. She talking bout nick stopping bags but she cancelled a whole ass tour for no reason,cuz we ALL know she ain’t worried bout that damn baby cuz offset SURE AINT. She cancelled a tour when she got all then mooching ass project rellos that coulda went on tour and watched the baby. I really think she cancelled to run behind offset and catch him cheating all over the globe. She stopped her own damn bag.

  15. Diddy was sleeping with mary… that’s teaaaaaa how long G?.?. it doesn’t make sense that people will make up mary and Faith fought.. I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it…

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