October 4, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Word Has It Article 6

  1. Truly love how you’re doing this. Different and yet tells you what you want to know. And yes, I believe she’s into women.

  2. I mean but really…who gives a shit if she is gay?! Why is she keeping it such a secret and even worrying about having a beard?! Her best friend Cara is gay af!

  3. I’ve always thought Kendall was bi or a lesbian. She has been the most private out of all her sisters ( which is not a bad thing). I’ve always gotten that vibe from her, she doesn’t even look comfortable with the men she’s dated( asap, Blake griffin, harry styles).

  4. i can see that she has that vibe… like her mama/Daddy lol i bet when it’s time for them to shock the world and it’s kendall turn she will come out since everybody done had son happen to them but her

  5. Do one on Tinashe. Why isnt that girl more successful? She literally writes and musically arranged her own shit, and its gooood! I’ve been giving her airplay since last year, and the girl is better than a lotta chicks popular. I can tell she’s a ghost writer for selena and Camila carella spill!

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