October 2, 2022

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55 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Sugar Cubes 11/5/19

  1. This is good! How can I request the tea on Dave East. I know there is more about him. Any rituals? How did he move his way up? What is the deal with his bm Milie Colon? How can I put in a request.

  2. Omarion is better than me. If it wasnt for him, there would be no B2K tour

    I wonder who Anthony Mackie’s gonna show up with next

    The Royals will do anything to look spotless

    Bhad Babie is sad and so are all those pedophile rappers entertaining her

    These celeb mamas are a hot ass mess

    I wanna know what’s tea with Solange. G mentioned that she has some serious issues but didnt go into detail with them

  3. Heav, I’d like to know if Solange is a witch. I’ve seen several YT videos proving that she’s into voodoo like her mama and granny, but what do you think?

      1. Thank you for replying on the special request, but I only see the 3 stories. Should I put it in the comments in the latest story?

  4. Fizz was selling drugs running from police right before the tour, deep down Omarion knows that whole situation with Apryl is gna come crashing down & Fizz eventually will have to sell drugs again. 💁🏾

    1. Apryl better be concerned about her children’s welfare messing with Fizz. If he’s running drugs, they could implicate her too and Omarion would get full custody, while she gets locked up.

  5. Trey songzzzz mama out here out here !!!!! Whewwwww I can’t take it !!! I done heard about the other mamas !! Smhhh too much for the soul !

  6. Skai Jackson mama is no surprise you can tell she one of those mothers that’s enjoying the fame of their child, she always there trying to take the spotlight. I even heard that she and Skai be fucking older men TOGETHER sometimes! Sick shit bro. No surprise she sold her daughter Over to Disney for money and fame cause her career flopped.

    Bhad Bhabie gonna be another whacked out former teen celeb once she become legal age and that sick excitement pedos getting from fucking young girls is no longer there. Then she gonna take a look at herself in the mirror and hate what she see looking back at her.

    I’m also not surprised Kodak and carti bedded her they both ugly and will take any pussy thats thrown at them even if the girl is underage. I think carti is actually the one her and Iggy got into it over since he was dating Iggy at the time of the fight. Hopefully Iggy dropped him after that cause I would be damned if I’m dating a pedo 🤮

    1. Speaking of skai did you see what azalea banks said about her lol long/short she basically said all that beef her momma and her had with azalea kind of messed her career up and she let marsai martin pass her etc.

  7. This was some good tea..i can tell she slipped and said the clintons but oh well it’s out now! I also Wanna kno bout Plies, Master P, Trick Daddy, Ice Cube, Rich Homie Quan cause where he at??? Tokyo Jets and TI situation…

      1. Another thing..so Charmaine from Black Ink Chicago(the one that did the interview with Raz B) i see her mom passed away a not long ago..hmmmmm y’all already kno wat I’m thinking and praying that’s not wat happened cause she has said a few times that she want to make/have “white people money”….

      1. Yep shit sad af too!! Like if it’s wat we think it is like how could ppl do that smh sis I’m glad I’m not a celebrity

  8. I wanna know about queen Naija and Clarence nyc.. a lot of people say he suckered her in and got w. Her for the money and fame

  9. LISTENNNNN!!!!! Now I had to come back on here just to add another comment question or what have you. I just read “allegedly” J-Boog slept with Omarion’s mother!!!!!!

    We gotta get the background on this !!! And when the hell did it even happened?!!! Is it even trueeee?? How much if it is true?? This is too much.

  10. Missy Elliot-her rise and fall. What caused her to be blackballed and the situation with Patti?
    Meg/roc nation/carl crawford/j prince situation and her contract

    Did you finish the aaliyah story? We see her mom aint ish, but what about her dad and brother? Did the dad really not know? How was her parents marriage after everything went down? Whats her brothers relationship with the mom like currently? Overall I suspect the dad put complete trust in his wife and brother in law at the time but then what when ish hit the fan? Whats up with gladys?

    Janet-just whats her relationship like now with her ex and co parenting? Did she give game to rih rih? Hows mrs. Katherine Jackson doing?

  11. Trey’s mother doesn’t seem to bother anyone and stays in her bubble. I get this is gossip, but why spill business on those who stay to themselves and aren’t doing anything wrong? Even someone asking about Chris Brown, his own fans spy on him. Like damn let him mind his business

    1. No ones off limits love this is what the blogs about we shouldn’t even care we don’t live that lifestyle its all entertainment to most of us here.

  12. So after that new guy yk osiris talks about the industry now he’s locked up for assaulting and strangling his girlfriend😕

  13. What about the story on Beyonce’s Lead dancer Ashley Everett awhile back & the real reason her & fiancé are over & rumored relationship w/B “allegedly”

    Athlete tea & Reality TV tea I’m always here for

    Sportscaster tea: all these analysts for ESPN, FOX, NBC etc. have had all kinds of scandals but there’s a ton more that have been covered up

  14. I hate that I managed to forget all about Prince Andrew’s goofy lookin ass. Every time I hear his name I think of that photo of him peeking out of the door at Epstein’s place. From what I understand he was always guarding the door like some kind of top flight security. What a sloppy weirdo. Trying to get the Duchess Fergie to speak highly of him ain’t gonna work either. Let me get my popcorn as more folks start getting exposed.

    Apryl is enjoying every bit of this notoriety. It’s boring and tired to me because it’ll last for like 2 more minutes but if they like it I love it.

    I remember hearing that Omarion’s mom was on drugs for a short time in recent years and that broke my heart because she always seemed mentally healthy and upbeat. I hoped it was false. She appears different in a spiritual way like she went through a dark time, and I doubt that it’s just age. Would you happen to know if she was actually sick and not dealing with an “illness” such as addiction?

  15. Yes Anthony Mackie..I need allll the tea on him..I’ve been wondering about him. He has been under the radar doing allot of films but now since he is with the Marvel franchise..I figured some rituals/humiliations was going to happen if he wants that “Hollywood” fame and money. Also, anything on “Mr. Sexy” Trevante Rhodes.

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