July 6, 2022

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8 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Jean Harlow Death at 26

  1. I remember watching some of Jean Harlow movies when I was smaller. Her face reminds me of Kelly Osbourne and singer Pink put together.I did do some research on hair coloring a few years ago while I was attending Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology (Yes, graduated and licensed but let my licensed expire due to my health), my former instructor to me to read up on Jean Harlow. I’m surprised she didn’t experienced chemical burns.

  2. Wow…thats sad.

    Was it also true that her mother denied her treatment because they were Scientogist?

    1. It was the Church of Christian Science. She also married a man who beat her with a cane after he was cuckholded by her on their wedding night. He was dissed for not getting it up. He killed himself after.

  3. This is off topic is it true Gia Carangi skin peeled off when they were moving her body?

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