August 16, 2022

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7 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Naturi Naughton Getting The Role Of Tasha

  1. Just my opinion…I still don’t buy her as the twins mother (who are mid teens) and Ghost wife. But I am happy for her success.

    1. If she had them really young it’s possible. I think that was part of the story line that ghost snatched her up when she was a youngin

  2. This is a repost, G? Or are u adding to it cuz power is back? Cuz I remember this about the titties 😩 lol

  3. Hey, Gina! What’s up with the sculpture of the butler on Growing Up Hip Hop in Pepa (Salt &..) and Jermaine D office??????

  4. I always thought it was a lie when they were saying she was difficult to work with. If that was the case her current cast mates would be saying the same thing

  5. Why’d she get blackballed for playing Kim I heard of this before I think though. They were sayin Kim was mad at how she was portrayed. Why’s everyone saying she can’t be the twins mom though she looks the age they were going for in the show.

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