September 29, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Truth Behind The Kanye West Interview. All The Sugar You May Have Missed

  1. This is very sad. I love Kanye West, I miss the old West he made some good music. All I can do now is listen to his old albums. G I wonder what the Elites have plan for Mraiey Carey and R.Kelly. someone said They might off meme soon that just a rumor I heard.

    1. because meme is starting to become non profitable for them i hope you are wrong but i don’t have a good feeling about mariah. Hopefully they cann leave her alone like celine dion

      1. Mary40 said the same exact thing about Mariah she said she didn’t get a good feeling about her death too

  2. Have yet to watch the interview, but it seems interesting enough to watch now after you just broke everything down. The industry is definitely cutthroat.

    1. at this point i am not sure if they even want to deal with him anymore however if he ever sacrificed anyone else who knows. But who? he sure aint sacrificing any of his wife’s family

  3. Thanks for this. It’s cool looking at the different sides because he is truly dope and I truly felt he was trolling with the whole Trump thing but the idea of, “I can do this too” was moreso his feelings. Not to excuse his statements but he’s medicated. God bless that man smh

  4. On Hot 97 the breakfast club is dragging him. Especially Rosenberg. You can’t mention Kanye without him making a.c. negative comment. Idk if he truly feels that way or is getting paid to express the things he say. Ebro makes fun of the bloopity bloop song. They promoting his career is finished. They keep emphasizing the slavery comment like they want to embed it in the head of the listeners. Nobody stated they listened to the whole interview and can kind of see what Kanye is referring to. Straight hate and degradation.

    1. If black people stop supporting 97 and the breakfast club. We wont have to worry about the negative things they say. The say a lot of bad things about black people. Yet black people listen to these fools. I been stopped listening to 97 and the breakfast club. Both can go the hell. They are evil, can’t way to they get deactivated and replace.

      1. Hot 97 and to an extent charlamange are roll with what the elites say not so much Angela yee and Flex they basically are not really looked upon like C Tha God or Ebro and Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a devil, he is a white dude fronting in a black world profiting off our culture yet and still he gets a pass because he knows Hip hop? he is no different than Vlad yet and still black people are quick to give them a pass

    2. that is there agenda they have been ordered by the elites to shit on him and destroy his character in the media which is right now the most powerful form of communication in the world

  5. Are they deactivating Kanye for ChildishGambino?? See his new video which premiered tonight??

    1. no childish Gambino is he was gonna be activated they would have done it already. he isnt really rapping like that anymore. I don’t know who they have taken Kanye’s place jaiden maybe?

      1. Yeah in jaiden last album he was giving me Kanye vibes in those visuals. I thought that Travis Scott was deactivating him but Travis have his own name for himself so idk

      2. G I always believe that kendrick Lamar was going to be Kanye West replacement. When I first heard of him, I felt that way about him. He remind me of a young kanye. I maybe wrong, but to me kendrick is the only one that can replace Kenya. His music remind me of a young kanye.

    2. orrr maybe now since he came up in Hollywood maybe they are putting him back in Music for the purpose of replacing Kanye hmm I gotta check out that video. You may be on to something sugar baby

  6. Everything you got from the interview is what I got too I paid close attention to what he was saying and knew especially when he was talking about the robbery. He said he think it was planned or something I was thinking he knows wassup

  7. Kayne says he’s a genius… not sure what he ever did to label himself as a genius… Do you think Kim will leave him once he’s deactivated? I’m almost scared to see what will become of him once he is- will he even know what’s happening?

    1. He will know he knows whats going on he will know when he is not getting pushed or getting tour dates that are no longer being paid for

  8. I caught a lot of that and also what he talked about with the music industry & fashion. He seemed most clear with music – very well-thought out statements on how the industry operates. Fashion definitely seemed like his true passion but I feel like he thought his stardom in music would translate into fashion. Such as wanting $100M startup money for the brand, when they (one of the top fashion houses) offered $30M. He also spoke of showing up 45 mins late to his Paris fashion show and was booed and he said he was “LeBron’d”. I thought that was a stretch of a comparison considering Cleveland Cavs fans were pissed and felt let down; whereas those were probably fashion elites and they were oissed you were wasting their time. Then there’s the stuff with Virgil. I gathered he’s pissed Virgil is the new designer of LV’s menswear.

  9. Omg I’m so glad u touched on this I’m also so sad and hurt for Kanye Thanks for connecting the dots

  10. Can’t wait until Beyonce and Jay-Z 🐍 ass get their day bc it’s coming sooner or later!! With fake friends like that u definitely don’t need enemies…

    1. Yes and I cannot wait they crossed too many people and I have noticed bey always got a cup in her hand when she at events and stuff or in pics like damn girl

  11. I think peak Kanye has passed. He won’t be the mega star he used to be IMO. It’s clear this man is not in the right frame of mind. How many different medications is he taking? He may become a deactivated brand.

    I wonder if being is protector will take toll on Kim in the long run? What happened if she tired of everything and leaves him? It’s obvious she has the best influence on him.

    Well can’t say we’re surprised about him and Jay. G, has already laid it out and he confirms everything. Very Sad.

    I would like to know does Kanye have any friends/family who can keep him grounded besides being around his Wife’s family? Like someone familiar that reminds of home.

    1. he should have went with dame dash but kanye bought no freinds from home with him that is why drake and rihanna and stay so humble and grounded they got the same freinds from childhood wiht them

  12. I still think that Kim getting robbed in Paris was a warning not only to Kanye but to her as well. Kim released that video of Kanye asking Taylor Swift permission for FAMOUS… then bam! They have that robbery go down. They need to stop fucking with that little white girl already.

  13. I don’t feel sorry for Kanye Kim or any of these celebrities that sign up for this. They asked for it. I wouldn’t trade anyone I know for fortune and fame. It’s not worth it. If J and B are doing these thing, they will one day fall. No one gets away with things if this nature without seeing the karma from it. It may miss them but their children, and their children’s children will feel it.

  14. So sad my aunt always said it’s sad how a boy from Marcy projects wanted to get out the hood and ended up selling his soul,
    G how did memphis bleek end up getting away but is still cool with Jay

  15. It’s crazy that people don’t believe this. Well let me tell you mk ultra is just electric shock. This isn’t illegal. It was used a lot in psych as a cure for things like seizure and psychosis. Only reason not used is the big side effect is memory loss and the worse kind long term memory loss. Not too many things in medicine that cause long term memory loss. So most people don’t sign up for it. Because who wants to erase your long term memory. Well not only that if you display psych issues a person can get a court order and say you aren’t stable enough to make your own decisions and then they become power of attorney over you and can sign you up for medical treatment even against your will in a psych situation. Like having to admitted and locked away. And giving you electro shock. See all of what they are doing isn’t so unrealistic. It’s very possible even for a regular person with out fame. I think people think this stuff is far fetched ideas.

  16. And then as for reprogramming all that is is once your memory is gone and you have questions anyone can tell you anything. They have reprogrammed what you once new. Stop you previous thoughts. And put new ideas in your head by saying or telling you. If i had plan to expose something and got electro shock i would have forgotten my previous plans and feelings

  17. Why can’t Kanye just shut the hell up and put out music?? The majority of his problems come because he can’t keep his mouth closed.

  18. Well Kanye did sacrifice his own mom so he’s no better than anyone else in the industry. And as far as Kim yeah right, she’ll do anything for the limelight and I bet if she didn’t want to look bad for leaving him since it would be her 3rd failed marriage she would have BEEN gone. You can’t claim she’s protecting him all the while broadcasting his mental issues and her forced reactions on that show. Say what you want about bey and Jay but he was right there with them for years. Play with fire you get burned. He knew what he signed up for, they ALL do.

    1. Beyonce and Jay.Z didn’t wanted Kanye to date kim.k. And you know they were against that marriage too. They felt like Kim wasnt good enough for Kanye. I wonder how they felt about Amber Rose. He date her for a few years. They didn’t act funny with him when he was with Amber.

  19. I haven’t watched it yet but G what do you think is going on with J at the moment? He seems to have a few things coming at him at once.

    1. he is about to be under investigation and i remember a story a couple of months ago about there may be some sexual allegations coming out about him that is why he put it all out there
      we will see

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