September 29, 2022

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70 thoughts on “The Death Of Cathy White Part 2

  1. Wow….. I never knew bout this tea!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! She was so beautiful. Wonder why Claudia never mentioned her?

  2. So I recall jacky jasper also, doing a story on this situation sometime ago due to high demand from readers. If I’m not mistaken he also, talked about Claudia going to her house right after her death and cleaning it out. Some would say to hide certain evidence. But I know she wrote in to him and was angry that he was posting about her and how shady she was.

      1. I was just about to say Claudia was up in the comments lol what is her tea I never liked her ass

      2. I rem when you first posted about this and claudia was all up in the comments that’s when I knew you were the truth I been following 4 a min lol

      1. Word I remember this on JJ too! I also remember her all in the icydk comments passed off they were talking about it and trying to clear her name from her shade!!

  3. @icydknow can you do a part 3 and discuss whether you think jay z killed her or whether she was a sacrifice for Giselle?

  4. Now I’m so wondering about Claudia. Do you have any more tea on her? She’s been around in these circles for years and nobody made her wifey?

    1. The only tea I heard is that she has made colorist remarks in regards to dark skinned women. If you search her name on LSA (LipstickAlley) they have a long thread on her.

      1. Can you explain more about her and what she does to stay in these cirlces

  5. Thanks G! This a much more cohesive story than I heard before. I didn’t know J bought her a ring before Bey – so disrespectful

    1. Read my comment below the mf is grimy n hangs with Gavin foxy brown brother who has lets just say has the ultimate std n was passing it around to a lot of these Atlanta girls n niggas had to run him off of Atl cuz he was passing that shit out like test papers before a quiz

      1. Are we talking about “Mr. Carpet” handing out stds ? I’m thinking we need a full story on “Mr. Carpet” too G 👀…

  6. Ok here’s some tea to add to this piping hot tea there’s a dude known here n Atl name let’s call him mr carpet n if u can read between lines what’s similar to a carpet? Ok Mr Carpet has money for seemingly no reason and J made him an Ambassador of Dusse liquor so this is how he’s waking around just some skinny street nigga that does grimy shit all us girls were tryna figure out wtf does he do well a close friend from NY says a lotta ppl n ny know that he used to hang around J back n the day and J had him take care of Cathy White n I guess n exchange for that he has a lot of money and made him Dusse Ambassador smh n he slapped one of my co workers because he owed her money n she asked for it n he just hauled off n slapped her he opens up clubs here every damn year n they always get closed cuz someone’s always getting shot at his establishments it’s deep

    1. I know this “Mr. Carpet” you speak of and have never heard anything good about him. He stays in some scandalous shit…

      1. Exactly this mf actually pays the valet attendants at whichever club he owns at the time to attach gps trackers to certain ppl cars that he knows got buku money n then either he follows them or had someone else follow them home and robs them! He is terrible!!!!

    2. Yeah he’s also very close to Fabolous. Funny thing is I know him as a street dude from Brooklyn, but your added tea here makes sense. Because we know the streets are always talking.

      1. Exactly from the first time I saw him I knew his vibe was fucked up and he goes in the strip club and spennddddssss I’m talking anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 easy blood money

    3. Wowwwww😧😧😧 I burned my tongue gulping down this tea😩 I always wondered how skinny lil Mr. Carpet had so much clout in the streets. Walking around with “bloody hands”. SHAME.

      1. @ebony23 I heard he was doing some lil down low suspect shit u know dancers know allllll the tea we have access to them sometimes more than wifey

      1. Probably!! I wouldn’t be surprised cause they all seems to be in the things

      2. I’ve been wondering the same thing about his brother getting killed it came outta nowhere next thing I know he’s everywhereeeeeee I wonder if u have to do sacrifices in order to be in the “in” crowd even though u aren’t the superstar” per se cuz he hangs with all the celebs and yes he does claim Fab as his brother but it’s not true but I do know ol Hova ain’t just fina associate himself let alone his little brand with anyone for no apparent reason 🧐🧐🧐

    4. Mr. Carpet, I see what you did there. Atlanta-based bloggers love posting about him and there’s always a celeb baby mama chewing next to him at a party.

      1. Lmfaooooo @ chewing all I pictured was lil hoes taking pics with a half of hot wing hanging from their lips 😂😂😂😂

  7. Wow so sad what happened to her.. G do you think maybe that’s the exact same ring he give to his wife?!?😫😕

    1. Chrisy1729 I believe that’s the same ring. If not he had another one made just like it. Bey is dum for wearing that ring. He could have buy her a different ring.

      1. may have had a similar ring made or maybe he took it back from cathy and gave it to beyonce later smh

      1. Hey G, I know this don’t have nothing to do with this story. But Nicki Minaj single went gold a few days ago. I’m happy for her. But I wonder why the elites allow this song to be a success. Because they made sure her other songs flop last year. And her IG followers went up. And she push her album back to August 10 her fans our mad. Something not right. Every one like her new songs. Who do she have to sacrifice to keep her head above water.

  8. Yes…but they are so evil. Jay has her so brainwashed…imagine him telling her “see i love you more here’s Cathy’s ring to prove it”😒😩

    1. Yeah that’s what I thought about too. At first I was Bey couldn’t have known and then I’m like what if she did know 🤔

      1. SweetTea77 and chrisy1729. Jay.Z and Beyonce need their asses bet for this. Chrisy you might be right. I believe he gave her Cathy ring to prove his love for Beyonce. Both of them or sick people. Beyonce don’t have no shame in wearing her husban girlfriend ring. No respect for herself or the dead.

    2. Yassss and I also believe she told him I don’t want to hear SHIT about you and this bitch do whatever you want I just don’t want to hear about it…. then vanish

  9. Yep she knew..somethings never change she knows about all of Jay’s extra activities past and present lol😂

  10. Ok. So.. was she the one who was actually pregnant with Blue? I know it sounds mad conspiracy theorist but something is just so funny about Beyoncé’s fake pregnancy. Anybody else remember the folding belly fiasco??? My theory is maybe this girl Cathy is the one who was truly pregnant by Jay Z..

    1. She was killed long before Blue was thought of; with that said Giselles pregnancy was definitely fishy. The folding baby bump and the rising boobs on that Katie Couric interview were classic. There used to be a blog called destiny’s rehab but they fizzled out.

      1. she was killed then 48 hours after that announcement that she was pregnant 2011

  11. I guess that’s why Giselle says ” ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks”. Maybe she was make reference to this situation.

    1. You know what…yeah when they make songs and stuff they do talk about old shit but since it passed over it’s like ok it’s just a song to us who aren’t hip.

  12. I definitely remember when you broke this story on ig and Claudia ass was all up in!!! She blocked me cause I read her ass!!

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