October 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Jada Pinkett Smith and Gabrielle Union

  1. Both very gorgeous women. And Will was/is definitely a fine specimen himself. But I would be so pissed even at a rumor floating around about my husband cheating when I JUST bore his child. I ain’t no good actresss either, so everyone would have known I was mad 😩😩

  2. Jada gives me a lesbian stud vibe in the first photo… lol.

    Will Smith is a very handsome guy, but Gabrielle and he were so disrespectful to Jada for this. To be acting this way while they filming a movie, and he is married with a newborn at home. It is messed up all around. Cannot blame Jada for this. Glad the are not beefing, but Gabrielle is trifling for doing some shit like this. She is a freak.

    1. So true. But can we really be surprised? She snatched Dwyane Wade up when she got the chance lol

  3. Damn.. so did Teresa’s career take a hit because of this mess? I hadn’t seen her in a while in anything.

  4. Well I mean you already let us know that Gabby likes married men. Im sure will wasnt the first as we all know by now. Also, I never thought will and Jada had a loving marriage. They always seemed fake to me. I thought Jada was gay during different world era. I wouldnt be surprised to hear debbie got a piece of that too

  5. This is literally the same thing Karceno4life said on YouTube as well. Y’all gotta be in the same circles lmao. Hollywood really is small. But yeah Gabby is a straight FRAUD her speech on her used to be a mean girl is a lie. She still is a mean girl and peep out how Phylicia Rashad was looking at her. Mrs. Huxtable know when you’re faking. All that hoeing and her career still didn’t go far because she can’t act.

    1. Her behavior towards Ryan Destiny speaks to her insecurity. Gabby, you’re 2 decades older than her and being a b!tch towards her was so unnecessary.

  6. Gabrielle needs her ass stomped out one good time. I don’t blame Jada for hating that bitch. Will ain’t innocent either.

    1. YES!!!! Always heard the rumors of her and her married, male co-stars. I guess she cooled down after getting with D Wade.

  7. I knew when she said she “forgot” why they were beefing I knew that was a damn lie. You ain’t gonna forget why u don’t like a bitch that was allegedly fucking your husband

  8. Damn so Gabby a whole hoe outchea in these Hollyweird skreets! No wonder she plays all those sex roles so well. That’s her real life. Shit her Being Mary Jane character has a lot in common with her. I wonder if her behavior is a result of her being raped? Hmmm…either way I’d dog walk her ass.

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