October 5, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Exclusive!! What Is Going On With Drake and Nicki Minaj? Part 1 of 2

  1. Hold on now Stefflon Don isnt a notorious Nicki hater. Don went nuts when Nicki followed her on IG. The barbs attacked her & her mother after she disagreed with the whole Nicki&Cardi IG tweef. What happens when you have your own opinion , her fanbase attacks you. They even attacked Whoppi and Naomi ???

    1. Right!! people are making it seem like she hated nicki she actually loved nicki and as a nicki fan she didnt like how nicki is moving lately… so spoke on it and got attacked

      1. Well she called Nicki and old grandma. Lol That’s kinda rude to say about someone who you admire or like when that person is 36. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    2. Stef has been shading nicki numerous times on the shaderoom. This is not thr first time the barbs had to go on her page for being disrespectful. Telling her she is a grandma is not constructive criticism. If she can’t hold cardi accountable for being a mother and throwing a shoe at an upscale event she didn’t need to come at Nicki like that.

  2. This is redundant. I’m tired of reading about Nicki especially when it’s been said in previous posts. Cut to the chase!

    1. I agree. Neither one of don’t have an agenda or a purpose for me to be interested. But I will say this. If Nicki ” Claimed to be a queen sort of speak,” then why not pull a Jay-Z & Giselle? She said she wanted to be on top. Well, she and Drake can do that if she quit playing damn games.

      1. Truly! Real Queens take the high road and flip the game in their favor. Like seriously she needs to cut it out. I’m rather disappointed in her, quite frankly

  3. This tea just furthers my suspicion that there is another reason why Nicki ain’t trying to be serious with drake. All the “she see him as a brother” and the “she just don’t like him like that” is kinda contradicted by the fact she done apparently kissed him, sent him sexy pictures, and apparently let him eat her out. Some would say she only do it cause she like the attention but nah something else is there that we just not knowing as to why she can’t settle with this boy who I believe would cut the BS for her.

    1. She’s playing him, and its easy cuz he’s pussy. Why would he have her back in the Remy beef?? Nicki prob lauged at him with her frenz and bragged about how she can get him to do anything. He’s an idiot, now he wants to be petty.

  4. I rushed to the blog only to see that 80% of this tea was already mentioned by you G! PART II is what the Suga babies wanna see first, not the old stuff again as part 1 again..

  5. Drake thinks he can get any woman, I haven’t agreed with anything Nicki did in years! Until now. I would never get in a relationship with Drake either, waste of time.

  6. Drake brings up his past women too much. It’s like every album every song he’s whining. They need to just let it go, its already not looking good for Nicki. She fucks with Drake everyone will hate her more.

    1. For real though!
      Less “tending topics” more of the actual season “We” creating only 😐 haven’t been sellin much of the thousands of stories we requested under that 1 post to create this season 🤦

  7. They both annoying af but I don’t blame him u can’t keep playing somebody and think they gon take that shit forever 🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. Tired of the Nicki stories now. They’re all redundant cuz she’s always doing something petty.

    Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Shakir Stewart’s suicide. Can we get a story on him?

  9. 🍵🍵*sips tea* I don’t know how people think Drake is not hip to what is going on with Nicki and the information spreading on social media. All I ever hear is he is a troll who STAYS on social media. Heck ,receipts have even proven that. Plus we all know he is petty and has the need to want to belong/befriend folks who don’t want him. Yep, he is hurt and upset with Nicki, I believe it. Anywho I am ready for part 2. Side bar see how that OVO crew runs their mouth…yea homie that IS how your business gets out.

  10. Yeah I’m kind of over this. Drake is always messy when it comes to his exes & ppl he has beef with by being petty & messing with ppl they no longer deal with, don’t like or once was close to for attention. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Nicki should stop leading ppl on or only remembering ppl in the industry when someone has beef with her to back her up. Ppl see through that & it comes off as fake. It’s the same thing with her, yet even Giselle & Jay-Z have not publicly supported any of these shenanigans

    If Nicki was a Queen she wouldn’t be conducting herself as she has being messy on her Queen radio show & her fans & her taking it to another level with these internet beefs. Rih grew out of that when it was time to build a billion-dollar empire & even Giselle remains mute but would imply things only in the music that the hive would run with

    Nicki needs to decide if she wants to spend the rest of
    her career getting into all these beefs or grow up & focus her attention on other avenues of income & be more professional & nice

    1. Them SCORPIOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I swear they are the worse. They want with every breath of their being what they cant have…and will develop character flawed belief systems when they realize that can’t have what they want especially if they feel played…but yet and still they are LOYAL to a fault to those that they really care about. But it’s nothing for them to be hot and cold

  11. I am tired of the Nicki stories I really am. It’s not I hate her it’s just she is not displaying Queen behavior. Look at Giselle or Rihanna, they grew up and got their business right. She needs to grew up. She is too damn perty. So over her

  12. If there’s a story you’re no longer interested in reading, you do have the option of not reading it . I’m just saying..

  13. I think drakes reputation makes it a problem for her to believe him to be serious. Like for real any woman who knows a guy that is a player is going to be super apprehensive to be with them no matter how much that man says ‘oh it will be different with you’. I don’t blame her for not going for that. I love Nicki and I hate they are trying to tear this successful black woman down. Everything she does is scrutinized but everyone else gets a pass. FUCK THAT. Stand up for yourself and don’t take no shit. I respect that. Drake is crazy for making amends with Meek after he tried to ruin Drakes reputation. How can he stay mad a Nicki but forgive Meek? Make it make sense 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. A lot of Nicki fans joined the blog to keep up with what’s going on with her behind the scenes. If you guys don’t want to see stories about her please skip over and go to the next story. It’s not fair to us who want Nicki stories to be without them cuz you don’t want to see it.

  15. I feel like you wrote this story 3 different times in 3 different ways…Can we please stop with the Nicki/Drake/Cardi stories.. They are really not that entertaining and I am so over them

  16. That girl is with QC the same management label cardi and the migos are with. How long y’all thought she was gonna show love ? That’s their agenda they make them come out actin like they fuck with nicki respect and lover her then boom they join in on the hate train. This is when people start calling nicki old bitter, saying her time is up and she’s mad someone new is taking over now. All a part of their agenda to tarnish her legacy.

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