October 4, 2022

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32 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Break-up of Rihanna and Hassan Jameel and The real About her, Rocky and Drake

  1. Seems like the main issue of all is the culture. That tied into alot of the separate issues, whether it’s him being controlling (cause the culture allows that) or him being used to living that secretive Billionaire lifestyle overseas and getting into shady side stuff with his family & her stardom getting in the way. I stand by my belief that Rih is at a level now where she should start sharing the company of another billionaire, Just not someone of the Muslim religion cause that won’t work for her. Go get one of those fine British billionaires or Italian billionaires or something.

    1. Yeah that was pretty messed up considering her and Naomi were friends. I guess in Rihanna’s eyes they were only industry friends 🤷🏾‍♀️…still messy either way.

  2. Yeah it’s not so much that Muslim men (or Arab in general) are controlling it’s that for us it’s embarrassing having your wife’s boobs or legs out for every men in the world to see . I’m sure his family would’ve never allow this union it would’ve bring shame to their family to have a daughter in law dancing sexy on stage with other men or having pretty much every men in the world lusting over her . Hassan would’ve been considered as less than a man in our culture. And i’m not even from the middle East i’m from north Africa but still that’s the general Arab mentality . Plus the problem with religion I think it was doomed from the start too much differences

    1. As a Muslim woman I agree with you. My husband is far from controlling. Rihanna and Janet seen dollar signs, but at the same time if you want those billions you have to respect the beliefs or go back to non-Muslim men that’s okay with you being naked 90% of the time.

    2. I agree 100% I’m Muslim as well and Muslim men like their women to be modest. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a control issue, it’s a cultural thing. Honestly I don’t see why anyone would want their partner showing off their goods for the world to see but that’s just me. I’m American by the way so it has nothing to do with where I’m from…and no I don’t cover but it’s a way to be sexy without showing everything. He definitely wouldn’t have been respected by his family or peers.

  3. There’s a picture that either just leaked or resurfaced showing drake and Rihanna at the aria casino in Vegas in September 2016 and it appears they were arguing but the quality was kinda fuzzy. A drake/Aubrih fan page posted it and mentioned how people were on twitter saying they witnessed drake and Rih arguing before Rih stormed off and drake went off gambling the rest of the night just him & OVO. Another person allegedly said they saw Rih crying after that.

    1. that makes perfect sense because Septmeber was the last place they were seen in September in Vegas which was his last show they were fighting over Dakota Gonzales

  4. I think naomi threw some shade too on ig when she found out. Rih was wrong to not let Naomi know but in that business no one is to be trusted. From what I’ve witnessed from pieces women(i had a handful of friends women too) they are easily controlled and go hard for the person that won’t do the same. Her weight gain had to be apart of depression, dealing with drake and hassan shenanigans because the weight came fast.

  5. I don’t think she should of been messing with him from jump if that was Naomi’s slide.. but RiRi looks cute with the weight gain she should keep it. And was she ever pregnant by Drake that was rumored to be going around?

  6. I just don’t understand anyone who wants to marry a Muslim billionaire and then cry about them being too controlling (Janet and Rihanna) it’s like you know what you were getting yourself into😩😩 You can’t expect to come into someone else’s culture and then expect it to change, especially a culture that has been in place for years upon years.😕😕😕 there is no compromise on their end

  7. This was such a great article G!! I love it when it’s long and detailed, I sipped my morning coffee and read every bit! I knew it wasn’t going to last. That culture is just not hospitable to women. I can’t believe she put her houses on the market for this man. That’s not something you do until you are married or at least engaged. She tried so hard to please him but with that culture it would have never worked. And I didn’t realize that his billionaire status came from his family. She should’ve left as soon as she found out he wasn’t self-made. Family in your relationship business will always be a disaster. As for her seeing him on the low, I don’t feel sorry for Naomi. The more I hear about her the less I like her.

  8. And wait, he had to hold her purse and phone when she went to the bathroom?? Come on! Rihanna needs some therapy. She shouldn’t told him to take a hike immediately.

  9. Muslim men? Dear he is just like Rihanna praising God but worshiping the Devil. 🙄 anyway this was predictable.

  10. Good Read 👍. Can’t wait for part 2. Like I said before, Rhianna has issues when it comes to her men and relationships. She doesn’t make smart choices.

    Hassan is Muslim. Most have a idea of what the Muslim faiths entail, especially Muslims from foreigner countries. Rhianna doesn’t fit the bill. From her hair, dress, and smoke. Why on earth she tried to get serious with someone who holds his faith, a faith that deems the things she does sinful, in high regards is beyond me. And that is that man’s faith. Regardless of how she may have felt, expecting him to compromise on that was less than smart.

    Then she got with him shadily, beyond Naomi’s back. Rhi just went about this all wrong. But nonetheless, she does NOT need to be messing with any old flings.

  11. It was never going to work out unless Rih was willing to be fully submissive which I highly doubt would’ve happened! You would have to be a woman born & bred into a culture where women readily accept a submissive role to accept and last in a relationship with men from such cultures.
    Rih isn’t just any woman of the wayside either, she’s theee Rihanna, heavy hitter -successful af- got many successful af men falling over her, so she’s got her own ego. Ain’t no way a mfcker controlling & telling her what to do her unless she allows it. The younger Rih (the CB-Rihanna era Rih) might have allowed it but she’s been through a lot since then so I’m sure she’s learnt.

    Many times than not cultural difference affect relationships without being people realising until many months in

  12. The problem what I have with the women over here on this side of the pond that they know these are controlling and, but they want to degrade themselves for a lifestyle. They better waking and fast! You see Sheik Al Maktoum ruler of Dubai junior wife Haya and their two kids hauled ass to London and got asylum from husband. The four missing Saudi princesses have never been found since 2014! Don’t get me wrong, those men are fine, but don’t even think about getting into a relationship with those men. You will regret it!

  13. Nearly every man that comes from a family with generational wealth gets approval from his family on who to marry and will follow through. Very few will go against the family’s wishes. Unfortunately this was never going to work. Even the shocking news of Prince Harry and Duchess Megan leaving for Canada could be seen as going against the family, although no one should be surprised as British media has been horrible towards the duchess. But Prince Harry giving up his duties is nothing compared to his great great uncle King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne for his boo thang and future wife (thrice-divorced American), Wallis Simpson.

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