October 1, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Deactivation of Nicki Minaj… Can She Stop It?

  1. I am not a die-hard fan like Gina, but I do like some of Nicki songs. Furthermore, I can understand when she speaks: she is eloquent…unlike Belcalis (not judging… English isn’t my 1st language so I am an imperfect speaker of the language as well). I did however notice a while ago that she had an attitude…We all have one at some point, depending of the day and the circumstance (we are humans duh 🙄), but in America you have created this cult of celebrities, putting them on a pedestal and all… so they are expected to be perfect in every way.
    One last thing… I was disappointed Drake invited Belcalis on stage…He’s smart… why did he do that? I don’t care about the Meek beef, she’s your label mate / friend. Then he drops that song whose tittle I forgot the same night Belcalis dropped…made me somewhat happy…But still I expected much more support from him.

    1. Drake invited Cardi bc that’s that scorpio vengence. Like G said, Drake didn’t like how Nicki didn’t defend him during his beef w/ Meek and probably some other shit she did/didnt do too. And When a scorpio feel like you did them wrong, they will seek out revenge no matter how many years it takes them. They will sting you were they know it will hurt you the most for their revenge. Case in point. He knew that inviting Cardi on stage would only open up the flood gates to her being the next rap star and come for nicki’s crown and number one stop. I’m sure Nicki was sick when he brought her out.

  2. Hey G.. I’ve been following you for a lil while now.. I’ve read EVERYTHING on your ig page BEFORE they deactivated it & I IMMEDIATELY paid to read the XTRA JUICY Tea & I’m here to tell you you’re one COLD MF..🙌🏽🙌🏽.. I’m seeing everything you’re saying is coming to pass.. one thing I’m trying to figure out is how far up the chain are ppl like Wingman if you get my drift…😏😏 cause one thing I’ve noticed is that A LOT of ppl seem to DIE around him & he’s ALWAYS the 1st to say RIP.. like his “supposedly” closest patna just passed.. after following you NOTHING is normal..

      1. When I saw that on ig I’m like damn EVERY time you look up he’s saying RIP to a close friend & what’s crazy to me is NOBODY notices this especially the ppl around him or maybe they do just not saying anything.. but he sure do “sacrifice” A LOT.. after while he won’t have NO FRIENDS cause he done killed em all..

    1. This is 2014 all over again. Same thing with Iggy. The GP is waiting on Nickis album. If it’s “trash” then she loses. Iggy got a couple number 1’s on billboard and was being declared queen of rap. Then nicki dropped the pink print and nobody checked for her. Atlantic is f**king with nickis views on YouTube since they have a deal with youtube.Cardi is fake. Everything is fake about her. She uses payola and fake views/streams. She replies to nickis fans more than she does her own, and she’s riding the nicki hate train. But I believe nicki and young money have a master plan. She’s not stupid. She’s sees what’s going on. When queen drops it’s over with. Look what she did to remy for dropping the shether diss. Let’s wait and see. Nicki for the win!

  3. The only way Nicki Minaj can stop this bad things for happening to her is retirement. G I said this in April, that she should retire and go to church and ask God for forgivenes and hope he save her soul. She need to disappear and change her life become a Christian. And she should close down her IG and Tweeter pages down. She have to leave the music industry now before it’s to late. Forget cash money label and the 3 albums she said she will drop. Forget about the fans too, because they can’t save Her life. Her life is more important than fans, music and money. When Nicki Minaj disappeared for 4 months, I was hopeing that she don’t come back to this music industry. She will never find peace, joy, love and happiness, until she retire and give her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I love Nicki and I don’t want her to go down like Kenya West and Mariey Carey. And i dont want her to be killed off. Just want her to be free for the devils industry. Prayers go up for Nicki Minaj.😢😇💒

    1. This all day. But that takes humility though… hopefully Nicki, Rihanna, Giselle, Kanye, Jay Z has it in them before it’s too late.

      Instead of telling her the truth like you just did, people want to do this “Poor Nicki, everybody’s against her” routine. Which isn’t going to save her soul in the end.

      1. I don’t think rih and Giselle can be saved they switched sides. Jay umm he can try but his fate will remain as for Kanye and Nicki I think they can be saved but they have to want all the way out

    2. @brim anyone can be saved as long as they have a willingness to repent of their sins & come to Jesus Christ…

  4. I’m always rooting for going against the grain. If there is a way Nicki can stay in the hands until she’s ready to leave and out on top I hope she finds it. If not she should do a last album and put cardigan on it or a calab album with her so the numbers can’t be played with. That’s both fan bases. I believe once Nicki is out cardi is not gonna last too long after. I can’t see her style popping 3yrs from now.

      1. Exactly Nicki Minaj is feeling that “Lil Kim” heat now…ain’t no loyalty in the game b.

    1. I agree with you MISSESWRIGHT38! I believe Nicki should stay around a lil bit longer. I think she should do a collab with Cardi so the numbers wont be manipulated because there will be both fan bases but then she should bow out gracefully. Once she is gone, Cardi wont be around for a long time because they will find someone to replace her too.

  5. I love nicki so much. I hope she can fight this. Cardi is coo but she’s mediocre at best & doesn’t write heher own music! Nicki deserves her crown & she worked danm hard for it

    1. Kingvelvet18, if you love her, than you should pray that she leave before they try to kill her. You should never want someone you love to stay in danger. She been fighting since 2017, enough is enough. Time for her to leave and find her peace and love.

  6. Please be tell us what made Drake bring Cardi out on stage? I know that had to hurt Nicki’s feelings

    1. Tajbe23, Drake ask Nicki can he bring her Cardi out on stage with him. And Nicki said she was okay with that. But she didn’t know how much people like Cardi. Drake love Nicki and he never would have done it if Nicki said no.🙄

  7. Off topic but what’s really going on with Wayne and baby I know it’s not JUST about birdmam not paying him and releasing carter v. That asshole been fucking Wayne for years on top or years literally and figuratively

    1. G, I will like to know what’s really going on with Nicki Minaj and Quavo Huncho. I hope that he is not the new boy, that she said she’s dating. 4 weeks ago she said on tweeter that her new boy ask her to have his baby in a year and he will marry her. And we know that Quavo been trying to get with her since last year. I think he got some kind of mind control over Nicki right now. If he do get her perganct he will have complete control over Nicki, because she don’t have the power she used to have. He’s at the top of the music industry. And he’s making a lot of money with Migos and by himself. The elites is behind this movement. He been around her lately because the elites allowing him to, but why would the elites want this relationship.🤔😑🤐 this seems like another Mariah Carey and Nick candon thing going on her. Meme was 36, and Nick was 27 when they got together/married. Nicki 35, quavo 27. Wow 🙁😓

      1. I thought that when I first saw them together after her interview. I don’t like quavo never really did he a lame…I’m glad takeoff play background and offset is a groupie to me.

  8. This is so surreal that Nicki is in this position right now… Both her songs she just release are back to the old Nicki, but I don’t see it getting the hype anymore after the first week it was released. This industry changes so fast and no one has your back. I say Nicki get as much money as she can get from it and then leave before they take everything away from her. I hope she makes it and can leave before they ruin everything she has built. I am just an average Nicki fan, but even then I saw how much people adore and was flocking to her all over, just a few years ago. I don’t see Nicki on alot of ppl radar anymore except her Barbs. Crazy…

  9. I JUST realized a clue. It seems like the replacements slowly mimic the person they’re replacing. Then slowly become they’re own ” character”!

  10. Like you said…EVERYTHING COMES TO AN END! I like Nicki but there’s something about her that doesn’t sit well with my spirit. I mean why does she care if another hot girl comes on the scene? If you’re the Queen, why concern yourself with peasants? She should’ve kept doing her & stayed true to Nic. Let’s be honest here, she’s all over the place. From those wack ass singles to her contradictory magazine articles, what appears to be more plastic surgery etc. Before y’all try & come for me, be honest…those songs are mediocre at best. I like Chun Li but girl Chun Li ain’t even the bad guy in the video game. Google it! Lol. She let Cardi back her ass up against the ropes & why? Yeah Cardi has a few bangers to me but she’s not on Nicki’s level…well she wasn’t. With these new records…Ehhhh! I say she should just go out in style. Hell she has enough money to live off for the rest of her life. She can still make music & cameos. Let these young girls have their shine because their time will come too. That’s the nature of the game. I love Cardi because she’s true to her in spite of. That’s how I am too. I’m me…Period! She’s very relatable. Much love & respect to both ladies. It’s enough seats at the table for everybody to eat. *Shrugs*

  11. Nicki should listen to her old songs and just chunk up the dueces. I wasn’t a big fan but once I peeped game I was like they got her messed up but we know how that shit goes already

  12. Cardi can have that shit at the end of the day Nicki put in that time and lasted a decade. None of these new people know what time is they want everything fast and say they working hard but that’s all they are doing is working till the next bigger and better come along.

  13. What comes around goes around. The elites are probably keeping an eye out for Cardi’s replacement.

  14. I’ve never been a fan of her like that but I like a couple of songs from Nicki. I just thing her music just doesn’t hit like it used to and that same flow with recycled lyrics is becoming so outplayed now

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