May 17, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays LL Cool J Vs Jay-z Beef

  1. Lmaoo I never knew any of this. LL was coming for Kay through Beyoncé? Wow. Simone has been through it chile.

  2. Never heard a story bout Jay Z where he not a hating ass nigga. And poor Maia, she had to deal with predatory ass males and women. No wonder why she has those issues. I truly feel for her.

  3. […] LL Cool J signed to Def Jam in 1984 the youngest Millionaire to ever sign a record deal  Jay-z Signed a distribution deal with Priority records after creating his own label Roc-A-fella with Dame Dash and Kareem Burke LL Cool J was Known as Def Jam’s favorite son and one of the faces of Def […]Sugar Bullets Tuesdays LL Cool J Vs Jay-z Beef […]

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