May 17, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Exclusive Kenneth Petty Hit With Default Judgement

  1. If I was being harassed by the husband of a famous celebrity then you best believe I would record and save everything. Otherwise it would have been for nothing.

  2. She better have STRONG proof, because im sure her friends and family probably told her this would be easy, nicki will settle, the public hates her she will settle once we run to the press lol im happy nicki is making they ass work for it.

  3. I really don’t know what Nicki sees in Kenneth, he gives me the creeps, he looks so sinister in photos, never smiles. Saw a video clip of him in Trinidad getting aggressive with the headliner of the carnival. Huge red flag right there!

    1. He’s not obligated to smile just to make everyone comfortable. Nor is it important what we see in him or not see in him. We don’t know the guy and probably will never get to know him.
      It’s Nicki who chose to love him and so far it seems as if she’s happy.

      1. Calm down, it’s an observation. Members are allowed to comment on here without being attacked.

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