October 2, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Ashanti 8/24/2022

  1. Anymore details regarding her and Beyonce? I also remember Irv during an interview years ago say Ashanti will never make it on her own….the way he said it always made me wonder if he was sabotaging her behind the scenes….

  2. So did her father get a young “minor” girl pregnant?
    Was her father having sexual intercourse with a minor girl?
    YES or NO.

  3. Mmmm sound like Ashanti may have a habit of getting at her friend’s men whether together or not. Kelis and keyshia? Also the other segment that was done on her sounded like she played the side piece to more than just irv. That’s the only thing I didn’t care for but probably because I’m a believer in girl code when it comes to men. I gotta remind myself there is no Such thing in Hollywood hahaha

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