May 16, 2022

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23 thoughts on “2021 Grammy’s Tea

  1. It’s embarrassingly easy to win a grammy now. All u gotta do is trend on tiktok…..But congrats Meg.

    1. @iPhatty I bet Kirks son caught onto the sacrifice that was put out on him lol so then Kirk had to do a humiliation ritual. I’d be pissed if I was his son. He posted “My dad is trying to kill me”

      1. He’s been saying his dad is trying to kill him for at least 5 years. I remember a few years ago, he said Kirk was here in LA, but hadn’t reached out to let him know he’d be here, & if something happened to him, Kirk was behind it. He also talked about being sexually abused by someone in Kirk’s circle when he was a kid. This was all on his IG, & David Mann’s kids were in his comments going off on him about it. I always thought it was strange that he’s not mentioned, included in family photos, or during the holidays. It’s like he doesn’t exist to Kirk, Tammy, her daughter Kirk adopted, or their kids together.

  2. Hello, so this is my first time commenting on this blog. I have a lot of opinions to express.

    I think they showed Beyonce and Jay-Z on purpose; their time could be up. I have been noticing that there has been a lot of messes up with them lately. These could be the doing from the high-ups.

    This was definitely Megan’s night, but in my opinion, I don’t think she will last. I think her time in the industry will be short. Now, I think Cardi B will last longer in the industry than Megan. I have no bias towards either of them, but whatever that thing with Tory really messed her up. That ritual was supposed to be similar to Rihanna and Chris, but it went way wrong. That will probably cost her in the long run.

    Cardi does look like she put on some weight; she could be pregnant or eating really good food.

    Dojo and Da Baby should have won something.

    Is Bruno Mars okay? He has been having a lot of erection lately, ever since the Moonshine Jungle tour. That could be more of a health problem. You can tell he is doing coke because of his recent pictures. If you compare his Lacoste and Run photos, he must be doing a lot of coke. When he does coke, I notice that his face gets thinner. Coke can be increase for sexual pleasure but can have horrible effects in the long run.

    I thought Cardi and Bruno were supposed to be together. They would have made a cute couple. That will be a power couple. Atlantic will make so much money. There will be many perks, but there will be at least two downsides, and those two downsides will outweigh the perks. The one downside to the couple is that someone has to be a handler, and it will probably be Bruno. I do not think Bruno will be a good handler for Cardi. She will get to do whatever she wants, and at least with Offset, he will keep her balanced. Now, if this was the other way around, it could work. The last downside is Bruno’s mouth about Offset. Offset, and Cardi seems to be really good friends even if they break up. I don’t think Cardi, again personal opinion appreciates anyone talking bad about Kulture’s father. Bruno will go there because of his slick mouth and dark humor, and I think he will go there about Offset’s parenting skills, and Cardi will not put up with that. For some reason, Cardi and Bruno remind me of Drake and Nicki Minaj.

    1. Cardi is no nicki and she will never be. Not even close. Doja the only female rapper that has some promise rn

  3. This is the 1st time ever that I didn’t watch the Grammys. A lot of times I will flip between channels( let me be honest, my interest has been fading for years now). But this year, nada. I just don’t see the point with award shows that focus on music. I mean it isn’t like sports where one team will score so many points and that determines a definite win.

    Music is based on opinion. What one may like another may not and vice versa.12 people on a board CANNOT speak for everyone and all the many genres of music. I mean I do think a lot of it out is trash. But there are people who love that trash 🤷. Plus the music industry is so shady and evil. Scamming people out of wins. Blocking them from getting nominated. Rituals and getting witchy for a award and fame that will still leave. Just ridiculous.

    The Grammy doesn’t define anyone as a artist. There are some big names who made slamming music and never got nominated. Nas JUST one his 1st last night. And Nas has always been that dude. So don’t tell me that award validates who a artist is. If more of these singers and rappers understand that, the faster this thing can go. Because I think the general public is over it.

    1. Bey and Jay are annoying sick of Megan
      I hope JLo isn’t filming a music video cuz she can’t sing
      I bet Beyoncé won’t even show up to the NAACP awards she’s a sellout

  4. I actually watched the whole show last night mainly because the Twitter commentary was good as it usually is lol. However, I noticed someone tweet about how Meg walked off the stage after doing her part in WAP which I didn’t even notice but she sure wasn’t out there with Cardi at the end of the song. I wonder if there’s anything to that or she just did what she had to do to get back in her dress and be there for the other awards.

    Also, the way they started kissing Bey’s ass was weird. Even though she was a part of the Savage remix and Meg was showing her a lot of love, it still didn’t quite feel like Meg’s moment. But maybe that was part of the deal.

  5. I wonder when it will be noticed that Giselle has been Cloned or should I say inhabited. That is no longer her. Im starting to think the same about Jay. Sometimes you have to dig a lil deeper. Everything isn’t as apparent as you may seem. The industry is darker then people think. Ol girl didn’t show love for Texas like I thought she would, thats very unlike her, even for appearance sake. Jays bizness moves are definitely telling of someone else in the milly billionaire club.

    1. Same isht i was thinking honestly and his freefoem locks been changing. He’s been running around looking crazy.

  6. From what I’ve seen everyone thinks Doja should have won best new artists, not meg. Everyone is praising Doja performance and say meg and cradi was trash lol Doja the only one with true star power

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