May 22, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tom Cruise

  1. It’s no rumor, he has an older black son. He’s has to be in his 20s and he has even gone to a few events with TC and walked the red carpet with him a few times way back when.

  2. Yes please give a part 2 cause I just know there is way more than this. I’m not surprised he would only marry rih, you done told us a few stories where he seemed to be chasing Rihanna and always came in 2nd to somebody else like Leo DiCaprio or Ashton Kutcher hahaha

  3. Wow Chris Kline! That is believable, they were together for years and I believe engaged when she jumped ship and got with TC. I always thought CK was so handsome and felt bad fr him when she left him fr TC!

  4. Him and Nicole don’t have a biological child. Both the son and daughter were adopted and basically disowned her after the divorce.

  5. Yes, part 2 please! I be the was sleepy with Thandie Newton during Mission Impossible-their chemistry was hot. The part about him being George Colony’s man is hilarious

  6. Who is surprised that he slept with Thandie? Not me.. Their chemistry was real deep in that movie they were in.

    His kids with Nicole are adopted but you can’t tell me that the boi Connor is not his real son.. He is literally the spitting image of him. Maybe he had Nicole believe they were adopting a boi when in reality was his real son *plot twist*

    Please drop part 2

  7. 1) Yes Please more ! Thank you for your efforts and content.
    2) There is a rumor that allegedly George Clooney’s wife is a female with a piece of candy.Interesting. Her family are supposed to be elite and had a documentary of their family.

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