October 6, 2022

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59 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Usher Herpes Scandal and Why His Career Is In Jeopardy – Part 2

  1. Wow… JD said in an interview that Usher told him he didn’t have herpes

    I thought Usher had only two kids with Tameka?

    So amazing the things they will do if you don’t do something sinister

    I wonder what Usher will do? He seems comfortable traveling & raising his sons but his career should’ve eclipsed Justin Timberlake’s

    It’s really amazing how insecure Jay is yet is allowed to do whatever he wants & still cheats

    I’m wondering if Usher isn’t stepping in to help Bieber on purpose to try to use that sacrifice if something happens? But Usher just hasn’t seemed serious about his career in a long time & his mom was his best manager. Grace was a complete sabatoge.

  2. G, you got me 2nd guessing every time I see someone in red, covering their eye and flowers on the head! As for this story, it’s no surprise about Diddy. What is Usher’s next step, like if he sacrifices someone big, do the allegations and lawsuits go away?

  3. This is all so interesting! Additionally, I was told by someone who used to be close to chilli (they met through Dallas and are still cool but not as close) that Usher and her broke up because he gave her an incurable disease. At the time, I wasn’t sure what it was but after this scandal i just assumed that he gave her herpes. This is alleged of course because Chilli didnt tell me, but i thought it was believable.

    1. That is believable remember this is also alleged. A former member of his team said it, However yours is also believable because she said he comitted the ultimate no no

  4. This tea about Usher is so weird; I was driving to work and ‘confessions’ came on. I straight started thinking about how he hasn’t been popular in awhile and I wonder did he sacrifice his step son. Then BOOM blog comes thru stating facts.
    I wouldn’t be surprised about Bieber he’s been looking really strange recently

    1. But is it really a dildo, tho??? I mean, since there is camera’s in the room, you would’nt leave such a thing lying around so randomly.. Or do they want people to see it?!

  5. Thank you so much for this story. Now everything makes sense. I thought it was so bizarre how Usher just kinda faded to the back and then all these wild herpes allegations came forward out of left field. I wonder why he didn’t want to be Justin’s handler tho? He was making money off of it.

    1. And a lot of it. Like from 2010. They probably couldn’t keep up with the cash register. They were making money. Bieber was constantly touring for years. Until he had a breakdown.

    1. A “switch up” is a transgender person either Male to Female (M2F) or Female to Male (F2M). In the industry there are a lot of “switch ups”. They worship the Baphomet, which is an androgynous being, half male and half female. They believe it is a thing of “beauty” to have 2 genders in one body. As it relates to this post, she says it’s alleged that Ushers second wife Grace is an M2F.

  6. When you say switch up I briefly remember talking about it when you spoke about Bobbi kristina. Is switching up pretending to be another gender. Could you maybe talk about it more on the blog please ?

  7. I can’t believe how someone could sacrifice their stepchild especially since that wasn’t his kid!! These people are sad. No way I’m sacrificing my loved ones to be super rich especially when the moment I do something that they don’t like here comes a smear campaign/end of my career.

  8. I don’t understand why usher have to give up somebody, because he is a 33rd degree mason. Jay.Z and Queen B have not give up any of their children. Queen Beyonce have not sacrifice noone in her family and she a Goddess level.

      1. Kanye said it when he had his breakthrough.., ‘J, I know you got killas don’t send them at my head’

  9. I been wondering why Puffy been sort of absent from Social Media. I know a while back he mentioned cleansing his soul. Is there a reason why he’s been low-key?

  10. How dare he sacrifice a child that was not his?!?! How dare he think to sacrifice a child period! Just wow if I was tameka I would despise that man and pray something tragic happen to him & the damn elites! And there was a point in time where after her son passing she still was fishing to be connected to usher by name by any means necessary for attention! Smfh

  11. You said his son with Grace was found unconscious. I believe his son with Tameka Foster was found unconscious in the care of his Aunt. I don’t believe him and Grace have children together her children are grown, aren’t they?

  12. The industry is like corporate America you can do everything correctly but once they’re done with you they’re done. Usher from what you described did everything he was asked. Giselle is nobody’s friend but Blu Ivy. Not her sister or her twins it’s sad.

  13. That is what happens when you deal with the devil. He gives you all your wants and desires and screws you over and takes it away. Master of manipulation. A trickster. Too bad these idiots don’t get that. They got the riches the WRONG way and it will be taken away.

  14. Definitely funny business from the elites there should be no reason why someone with his talent had faded into the background for no reason. And why am I just finding out he has a child with the wife ? Lol I’m not a real fan like I thought. Maybe I forgot cause they aren’t in the media as much. Anyhow I really hope he can do something to salvage whts left of his career and legacy. He gave us hits and he dances his ass off. It’s sad that artists go through these things just to stay on top like talent really isn’t enough.

  15. You said his son with Grace was found unconscious. I believe his son with Tameka Foster was found unconscious in the care of his Aunt. I don’t believe him and Grace have children together her children are grown, aren’t they?

  16. I heard a guy says he worked for usher, think he has restaurant… and the guy was gay and usher would invite him to sit eat with him all time. Also the girl that said she got disease from usher, did she get paid by elite to do that? Cause she had a lawyer and did press, where they get these ppl from an can talk about Chris Brown

  17. Yo why don’t these people invest in stuff outside of the industry so the money keeps growing beyond what Hollywood can manipulate?!? That way if they take the money back you’ll still have money outside of the entertainment industry.

  18. G, I have a question. Just bwcbeca youveydone a blood sacrifice does that mean you always have to do a blood sacrifice? CantChe mix it up with rituals instead?

    Also the dildo in the bed was weird but not weird for Puff considering the stories I’ve heard and you’ve shared. Could it have been used on some girls prior to the video?🤔 This is the same vodeowhere there’s a girl in the tub whose hair caught on fire. Just a thought

  19. Usher was on the Martha and Snoop show with Diddy and Diddy kept asking him wheres hes been and Usher seemed so uncomfortable and awkward.

  20. So I just saw a picture of Usher in the studio with JayZ. Who else is wondering what Usher is cooking up? What’s going to happen with Justin Bieber, since he already been acting differently…

  21. Crazy that just as I made it to this post, I see news tonight that Usher and his second wife Grace have been officially divorced.

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