May 16, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/15

    1. Did an article for the Malcolm and Marie movie and she mentioned how she wanted to bring back classiness to black films or something like that. So it started a convo about her race yet again people started questioning her blackness. Saying she’s not a black woman she’s biracial.

  1. Zendaya dragged by who? White people cause she said “writing a wrong” lol oh well it’s the truth. Was there not a lack of color in old Hollywood? Mmmm anyways.

    Doja is obviously being sabotaged in favor of Meg. Considering she slipped through Roc nation fingers I don’t blame her for being disappointed and petty with her tweet. Just make sure you ain’t using Nicki name to be petty, genuinely mean what you say.

    I’ll never understand these labels with talented artists that stand by and allow their artist to get sabotaged. You ruining bags for your own company being scary.

  2. I dont blame Doja for being salty. say so was huge and she switched that song up every way imaginable. she gives a hell of a performance every time when most just gets up there&twerk. any time Taylor swift,jayz&Beyonce show up,everybody who worked so hard gets tossed aside. Beyonce nor her kid did nothing that was so great it deserved to beat out other artists this time around. Meghan is a one trick pony……no pun intended

  3. I would’ve been mad if I was Doja too. Doja is KILLING the rap game. Her and Mulatto yet Meg is being favored. Nothing is wrong with what Zendaya said. Also, what Glinda bussy Drake giving up?? His reign aint letting up

  4. Is it trie that Kirk was about to sacrifice his son? I heard thay the son found out and bounced away from him to protect himself. Maybe that’s the reason y Kirk is salty asf with him now? True or Nah?

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