August 15, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Decipher – Rihanna “Umbrella” – Part 2

  1. Mind Blown! I always felt like this video was her coming out to official pop status… now that I think about it she’s had some interesting videos

  2. Ok I have 2 questions. Why did Chris Brown apologize for writing Disturbia. He said it on Famous Girl. Also can you break down Russian Roulette? I always wondered what it was really about

  3. Is the devil wanting to possess these artists with actual rape the reason why they have sexual rituals/initiations?

    Also if the devil swore to protect her from the dangers to come and this song came out in ‘08 is this a foreshadow of the ‘09 incident where Chris suffered and Rihanna kinda blew up?

    1. Rihanna was Chris Brown’s handler at one point. They were everywhere together. The fight was real and they really loved each other very much. They were just toxic.

  4. Crazy!! Can you do a decipher of “Sativa” by Jhene Aiko. That video is eerie and literally has a glimpse of the devil in it

    1. Sean dodged a bullet when she tattooed his face on her, like I smelled a ritual coming when Mila referred to him in a past tense when they were still dating idk !

  5. This is horrible. I always thought this song was kinda off and yet I knew so much of the words. I also thought the ella part sounded like some sort of chant. Little did I know that God was giving me the discernment to understand how evil this song is. Oddly enough this was the album that I really took notice of her. I wasn’t a fan of her previous albums like that.

      1. Yeah, he knows how to write in occult/witch language. The industry knows how to pick writers like Diane Warren, Keri Hilson, Missy etc. They all know (if you a pop star) how to write with double coding.

  6. Wowwwwwww this shit is so eerie 😱 I will forever be shocked at the real meanings we never knew of.

  7. Good grief, Charlie Brown😬😵😳
    I have a question, G. After all this, I’m curious to kmow. As these videos are being “directed” does these things literally occur while filming? The rape & possessions? Or even while recording the song in the studio?

  8. Her in the triangle posing, I always knew it was other. At this time I used to read up in this stuff but stopped cause it scared me. I had stopped watching music videos. Rockstar is another one of hers.

  9. I knew there was some darkness to this damn song. But my question is , didn’t The Dream go wrote or co-wrote this song and is he aware or maybe even down?

  10. Lemon honor did a very deep decipher of this song and video and said the same thing. I suggest you guys check it out its a must watch

  11. Now that I am privy to what goes on with these songs, I don’t let myself get too caught up in it. Sure I still listen to music, it’s been a part of us since forever…. but I see through the BS. I do not STAN any artist in the way these people want to defend them and look like fools. I know it’s all an illusion. And Rihanna should’ve read her Bible, devil can’t save her from nothing! Lol

    1. Right I don’t get too caught up either I’m glad I came across g oh because I wouldn’t have known all about the other stuff.

      1. Because I paid to be on here for entertainment purposes…and I have a brain of my own which I am allowed to use as I see fit…I can research and google like everyone else and filter out what seems plausible and what is BS…besides this is just one of many post.

  12. So many people bringing up jay z I’m starting to think they wanted him and r.kelly a 2 in one. Imma go back and reread their beef

  13. Okay, so after reading this, I’m more convinced than ever that you’re also that “HollyweirdIsEvil” page on IG. Am I right? Or is there an affiliation? Because y’all share the same philosophies on a lot of stuff. He talks a lot about this type of thing and points out some really good information to look for with these artists.

  14. Interesting bc Mary J was offered this song at first. Glad she turned it down. Also, The Dream wrote the song, I had no idea he was into this mess as well

  15. If Terius wrote produced this song, What is his standing in the hierarchy is he a gatekeeper or handler too ?

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