October 1, 2022

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52 thoughts on “An Exclusive Sugar Cube About Offset

    1. Agreed. Most of the men from Atlanta seem to dabble in Sam sex relations. It’s the norm there and most women seem to accept it.

      1. Lies, please speak what you know, because I will never Fuck with a man that sleeps with men 😒.. and there are gay people everywhere in NOT just in Atlanta.. people kill me with that shit. There are straight men that STILL exists there and in Florida

  1. G! I saw the Floyd reading 50 Cent like no other post and I’m trying to see something. Lol. So did 50 Cent get herpes from DJ? Who exactly is DJ? Is he still in love with his first BM? Give me the T! 😂😂😂

  2. I would because I think thats why him and his wife so vocal on their sex life. They both freaky and she probably wear a strap on with him. I am not surprised at all.

    1. I’m not a fan of offset nor Cardi.B. I hope that she watch her back. She need to save her money for herself and her daughter. I know this marriage not going to last a year. In October of this year they will break up. If they stay together is because the elites make them. But there not true love in this marriage. This is too much. hope the young man is in peace right now. This is a evil industry. Sad.😮😔

  3. Whew. Now that sugar I did not see coming at all! Cardi may actually care about this one. G when are we getting the sugar behind Whitney Houston’s death? I can’t wait to read it.

  4. So, you mean to tell me that damn near every male rapper let alone males in entertainment are down low? My goodness!

  5. I believe it cause I use to live in gwinnett county as well , went to gwinnett high school and all the guys who did the dance jerk seemed fishy lol especially when they all wore the tight Jean’s!

  6. Takeoff always seemed to be the most down to Earth. That’s really sad tho. Instead of being real about the situation you kill someone? smfh

  7. Remember not too long ago there was a story about takeoff and a picture to go along with it of him in bed with a man that looked slightly like a woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true.

      1. They were doing their rituals. They were MK slaves. Wearing the dog choker meaning they were slaves.

  8. My family in Atl have always said that they aren’t about that life. I can tell they aren’t. I believe your source. Offset does like going to jail!

  9. Gtfoh 😱 chileeee well they said a lot of Atlanta men are on the DL. It’s a shocker when you first find out but then it’s like oh ok. I wonder why this is coming up now though. Him being with cardi was the best and worst thing for him lol. Everybody used to say quavo was the Beyonce of the group. Now he gets a lot of attention.

  10. 100% believable. I live in ATL and my gay friends have all the tea on “straight” dudes. It occurs frequently…smh. It’s always the dudes who appear strongly homophobic. I’m always suspicious when dudes are overly verbose about their sex lives with women because most of the time they’re trying hard to convince themselves that they’re not gay because they receive and not give. Smh…women need to Be Careful, pun intended.

  11. Ummm…Im sorry but if you think straight men will allow what is required from the industry, its a no go for them. So where is the shock?

  12. I’m definitely not surprised and what better way to enter the music industry as a hot rapper than to have blood on your hands and sugar in your tank? Murder, mayhem, and homosexuality are major themes in entertainment. Sex and violence sell.

  13. So do you have anything on takeoff or all the migos period they been doing their thing for a good 6-7 yrs but now it seems like since cardi shit just been bad. I just saw quavo and takeoff owe thousands in taxes..

  14. It was rumored that one of them used to mess with King Amiyah Scott. I can’t remember if it was Quavo or Offset. I’m gonna ask my nephew. If he’s not being a bitch! Lol He’s the only gay I know who don’t like spilling the tea & he has some. Told me he has some on Chris & Trey but won’t spill it.

  15. I’m from Gwinnett too and remember the devin story. Police suspected it was a hate crime when first reported

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