October 4, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Dead At age 41 Killed in Helicopter Crash Along with 13 year old daughter

  1. Yeah, the timing of his death raises so many suspicions to me. And it hurts even more bc one of his daughters is gone too. It hadn’t even been a whole 24 hours after Lebron passed his record smh

    I cant even watch the Grammys no more bc all I think if is that weird, Lucy worshiper Clive Davis. Theres a special place in hell for him for the twisted shit he’s done.

  2. This is so extremely sad. I’m praying for all of the families involved! My God I can’t imagine the pain they are walking through 😥😥🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. My thoughts exactly. The media outlet that I watched and who also was on sight for the press conference with the chief of the LAFD & the sheriff…. One of the main topics they seemed to recap were the highlight of Labron replacing Kobe as #3 or something in the league in addition to repeated segment of Labron mentioning Kobe inviting him (LJ) back to his hotel room 👀 after his high school game…. had a chat then gave LJ a pair of his (Kobe’s) tennis shoes that LJ played in the next night…. Then the following night Kobe win MVP. My thoughts were….. Pass the torch, deactivation, Grammys, ritual, sacrifice….

      1. How do you think vanessa knows this was a sacrifice? If so how do you think she will react? And why did the elites sacrifice him ? Did he not pay his dues with them.

    1. Unfortunately I was thinking about Mariah too. Lucerferianism is killer.

      Rest in Heaven to all that lost their lives. Especially Gigi Mambacita and Kobe. God please comfort Vanessa and the girls and the other families and loved ones.

    2. I think Wayne is up first, but Mariah isn’t too far after. I’ve been horribly scared ever since she went back to Sony. She also had a very successful 2019, that I can’t help but side eye it. How can someone with a deactivated brand have that much success? Also, the fact she acknowledged Ariana finally is very telling = passing of the torch. Speaking of passing the torch, I’m also a little shook for Janet.

  3. My first thought was…. Who was he a sacrifice for… Then I thought 🤔 he was allowed just enough time to have a phenomenal basketball career, that he was groomed for. Set up something in his legacy, then 💨 poof be gone. I wonder who will reap the benefits for those sacrificed… And it’s sad that these are out thoughts now. Anyhow may his Grace be with Kobe’s wife, children, and family…

  4. I’m at a loss of words. All I can say is RIP to Kobe, his daughter, and everyone else that lost their lives on that helicopter. Lord please send your Spirit to comfort their families. 🙏🏾

  5. All of the celebs posting pics and saying how sad they are will not stop themselves from going out and participating in tonight’s grammy “festivities”. Yuck… the fakeness of it all makes me sick. Death never feels ok but something about this is just not right! And just watch, next will be the families of the other victims suing for money, then someone will dig up the whole rape scandal, a comedian will make a joke in poor taste about Kobe’s death, a made for television movie about Kobe’s life will be on lifetime… the same old sh*t ever single time. Sad world…

  6. I can’t this time and it’s hitting way too close to home. 5 people died. No survivors. That’s a pain that’s hard to talk through.

  7. Kobe’s passing hurts A LOT! Although I grew up in the Magic-Bird-Jordan era (dating myself), Kobe wasn’t really on my radar but he did his thing and shared the same type of mentality of those players from previous eras.

    For those of y’all wondering if Kobe was deactivated for Lebron, since Lebron replaced his on the all-time scoring list last night – I doubt it since Kobe’s been retired since 2016. However I do believe he was sacrificed and we’ll just have to wait to see who benefits.

    My prayers to Vanessa, their daughters, family, friends and Laker Nation. Definitely gone too soon. RIP

  8. Y’all the timing is soo off because it’s the Grammys & Lebron just surpassed his record! I’m incredibly suspicious that this was a sacrifice! Damn Kobe, this is so sad!

  9. My heart aches
    For Vanessa the other daughters
    Rest with the angels Gianna Kobe and everyone who perished. 🙏🏽🙏🏽😢😢
    I hope we don’t see no fake fan’s

    1. Nothing says premeditated like a grammy performance by alicia keys and boys 2 men to honor his passing… that just happened. Didn’t they not let Ariana perform last year due to last minute changes but have a whole tribute ready.Smh

  10. I’m sick
    I have a flight in the morning for work

    LeBron’s shoes last night saying “mamba 4 life” is eerie

    LeBron’s interview last night talking about Kobe in the past tense was eerie

    Kobe’s last tweet is really eerie

    I can’t even watch awards shows anymore bc something horrific happens to my fave black entertainers

    Please hug your families, tell the ppl that matter to you that you love them & pray for everyone tonight. This is completely awful

    1. @ reece8507, I don’t know you personally but I pray God’s protection & traveling grace over you & your flight.

      Today’s news about Kobe & others who perished is indeed sad.

  11. Thianisnso sad. I feel for his family and the families of the other people that died. I can’t watch the Grammys anymore. This blog made me stop watching it. I remember one year katy Perry performed and it was so damn weird and I got a eerie feeling that I changed the channel.

  12. Sending all my love to the Bryant family and the families who were also in the crash.

    I just want to say thank y’all for all you do. I know you all are putting everything on the line to spread the truth to us. you don’t understand how appreciative I’ am of this team + website. Knowing what I know now keeps me aware of my surroundings and what’s going on in both the physical and spiritual realms.

    This is only the beginning though, sad to say. From the looks of it, Lil Wayne may be next. Comments are saying Mariah Carey too (not surprised by that though, I’ve seen the signs) But the one celebrity death that will hurt though is Kanye. Now THAT will be a hurt piece!!!

    1. Well written and I fully agree. Felt unsettled about Mimi since the song finally broke the record 👀 and I do believe that Kim will be at hand for Ye, unfortunately.

  13. This tragedy is going to affect his wife and other daughters for the rest of their life. I pray that they get all the support they can from loved ones and protection. This is going to be a long road recovery for the Bryant family.

    Truly utterly devastating. A stand-up guy just taking his daughter to basketball practice. My goodness…

    Rip to Kobe and his beautiful daughter. 🙏🏽♥️

    Everyone tell your loved ones you love them.
    The strugg is real.

      1. Lol I thought she was still pregnant too the baby almost a year old now. Still thought it was 2019 for a minute.

  14. This is so fucked up. I knew something wasn’t right as soon as I saw it, I thought of Aaliyah’s death. I know you all will get to the bottom of what really happened. They can’t hide the truth of what really happened to Kobe #ripkobebryant

  15. Such a sad tragic loss for all the families of the victims. Not only his family lost. Conspiracy theorist alway say these “legends” go into hiding and fake their death. My whole thing is why kill them if they’re deactivated? I get that they can expose info but I think is safe to say that these celebs know what they’re up against when they sing their souls.

    Seems like Nips chick is juicing his death though. Vanessa don’t need the money but all these people know what they signed up for. JLo is another one… why is she so all over the place and having such a big year and her man too. Who do they sacrificed? Mariah. No! They better never touch my Mimi!

  16. My condolences to the Bryant family and the families of the people who was on the helicopter. My heart hurts for all.

  17. Yep you called it about something creepy happening this weekend and you are right. And it is clear it is connected to Grammy because Grammy Awards move around. It is never on the same weekend it was the year before. And all those different incidents, Rhianna/Chris, Whitney, & etc happened at that time. Poor Kobe wasn’t even in Music and they still got him and his child. Evil, ritualistic, or whatever you decide to call it, just know that the Grammys and it’s weekend is NOT right.

  18. But why kobe?why not jordan or any of all those other basketball stars that were before him?why would they chose him to be scarificed?was he trying to leave the satanic part of his life?

      1. Omg I said the same thing. All of a sudden after sucking for so hard they finally bout to win a chip. Smh

  19. Ok so I have now seen a video from you of a cartoon depicting him crashing in a helicopter and a 7yr old prediction tweet stating he would die in a helicopter crash. Coincidence I think not. What I have to ask is does that fact that those kids were onboard make this a better sacrifice for the intended. Cause as we all know children are what they really want for their purity.

  20. This is soooo much to take in because I had a strong feeling this was a industry hit !! This is weighing heavy on my heart because all of these people are gone. Smh

  21. First of all #Rip To Kobe and Gianna (my daughters name is Gianna) for some reason I’ve been avoiding anything to do with this I can’t explain why, but I’m with everyone on all this, especially the can’t watch the Grammys -I can’t watch any of the award shows TBH I don’t remember the last time. It’s not like the blogs won’t post recaps, crazy how once the veil is up nothing is the same.. but when it’s over the eyes how blind and naive we can wanna be. Receipts people want but when people like y’all or certain celebs risk yourselves to tell, warn etc. people are dismissed as crazy… so frustrated smh, to our little community everything is obvious and predictable at this point. To the masses, everything is a shining freak accident. Shocking always surprised nothing anymore… even when I went for a short visit to Hollywood last year, I was like wow.. but this whole thing like someone said is definitely eerie. I always wondered if there was ANY possibility to be successful and a part of the entertainment industry, and escape the evil.. don’t seem possible, sometimes my kids who are very talented get it and sometime not. Sometimes even I wish I never took the pill, and undo the matrix, but My kids soul is more important than anything to me. It’s all sad though.

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