October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Tuesday Decipher Beyonce’ Crazy in Love, Diva and Sweet Dreams and The Rebirth

      1. Thank you G for the breakdown……. i remember when i seen this video of her stuck in the car with it burning ……. something was up

  1. Please explain the reference between a George Michael video and the motorcycle outfit? Which video?
    I think we need a 80’a segment of song deciphering

  2. Mannn I never noticed any of these things and I’ve watched these videos a dozen times! I neeeedddd more lol

  3. Can you do this on Rihanna and decipher Beyonce’s self titled album and songs (like Partition) and her Lemonade album?

    1. Yes the self entitled album was when i started paying more attention to her. I’m like something isn’t right. Especially when she starts of with pretty hurts.

    1. OFF TOPIC but.WHY is J. Cole suddenly winning a grammy?? They dissed him throughout his career… Is he doing rituals?

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