August 16, 2022

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59 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Steve Harvey Losing 2 Jobs in one week and A 3rd is coming

      1. Why do men marry these types of women smh sad… I wanna say I feel bad for him but he did it to himself smh… karma is bitxh

  1. No surprise. He should’ve saw the writing on the wall when he started losing markets for his radio shows with a primarily black audience after meeting with 45

    Wasn’t Steve the same one who told Monique to sit there & play the game?

    Is he losing his paegent hosting show as well?

    Crazy how everything comes full circle for him finally

    1. Exactly. He really went in Monique but she stood her ground. I’m proud of her. He is a sellout. His wife will leave him soon enough. He treated his ex wife horribly. Karma is catching up to him & I don’t feel a bit sorry for him.

  2. From the outside it doesn’t seem as though they keep it real. Something is off and it rubs me the wrong way

  3. Thanks G, you always come thru with that real tea, i was wondering wat was going on with him and that ugly beard that dnt match him just makes him look dirty to me🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Not exactly. She gave y’all partial of story. The rest is coming. You might want to get something a lil bit stronger for is about to come next. Sugar won’t help what is about to come! In fact, including G, YALL OUR GOING TO BE MAD AS FUCK!!!!

      1. Radiant wth are u talking about??? Wat she gave me was good to me and when/if she gives more it will be even better. And I’m not sure exactly wat would make G or anyone else so mad about his ugly ass!!!!! Well I’m not gonna be mad cause i dnt even kno him PERIODT!!!

      2. It’s something Steve did real bad and Marjorie let the shit happened! Hell, I’m ready to knock they asses out!

      3. Ok well come on and bring the rest of that tea then hunny. I’m going to sleep so hopefully when i wake up bout 3:30am it will be posted🙏🏽

      4. Who is Lori’s father? Is he the one coming out with the book? I wanna know which kids belong to who? I thought I read Steve adopted Lori. Y’all please help me out, I’m confused with these kids 😩

      5. Jimmy Townsend is Morgan and Jason’s father. When Jimmy got busted, Morgan was five or four and Majorie was eight months pregnant with Jason. So Jimmy toke the charges. That way the kids would have at least one parent in their lives. Now, Donnell Woods is Jimmy’s second cousin. He is allegedly supposed to be Lori’s father, but here is the ticker. Majorie allegedly may have not only sleep with Donnell, but Steve and Big Meech as well allegedly. Between those three could be anyone one.

      6. I be waiting for you to give the rest of the ☕️. DaRadiant1 cuz sister girl you be having alllllll the back story..🤣😂😂😂

  4. I was never a big fan of his. I dont think he is funny but i like to see people getting money. Too bad for him.

  5. After the way he treated Monique and hearing how no one is allowed to talk to him while he is in his dressing room and all that other cooning, I’m not surprised! …

  6. Marjorie must do voodoo on these men because there’s no way I wouldn’t have been left her for another woman who doesn’t demand as much. If he’s the breadwinner I would be making all the rules. Not like my wife was my child but damn it seems she’s the head of household.

  7. This was extremely informative and equally detailed! Steve is getting his reward for being a douche! A money digging chick that’s draining his assests and his righteous and arrogant personality!!!

  8. I don’t feel bad for him at all, and never been a fan. Since I heard about the things he was trying to do to blackball Bernie, I don’t fuck with him.

  9. So basically Steve is losing shows due to him being… Steve. The braggish, throw it in your face, my way or the highway, greedy for more money Steve. Yep that ego and greed will do it to you every time.

  10. After seeing the things he put that poor ex through, I was so disgusted, I could not entertain watching his MR. Ed looking ass on any screen again… I pray that lady gets her vindication she deserves, him and Marjorie are 2 greedy evil souls..

      1. Wow I vaguely remember all details, but I remember he did her real wrong -left her broke, took son, wouldn’t let them speak or see, made court gag order, used his muscle in court etc… it was a couple of years ago I saw videos from her and Essie berry on YouTube but now I know for sure… that’s part reason why she’s been fighting the injustices done to her so hard right? Let her be vindicated 🙏🏽🙌🏽

  11. Hmmm interesting. So when will the divorce announcement come? Is it true that he’s selling all these houses? I knew the book was being made and also the Lady Heroin was trying to pimp Lori out so they can become the Kardashians. Mama Kris would never let that happen. Not to be heartless but I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Karma is real


      1. So why did she have him adopt her kids if there not legally married? Wow she a hot mess , why did he not divorce his wife after all that this like a 2019 Lifetime movie lol

  12. Sooooooooo….. the ending to this story is WE WILL LOOSE ALOT AND HIS WIFE WILL LEAVE AND DIVORCE HIM AND TAKE THE REST OF HIS MONEY in allomony and STEVE IS GOING TO GO OFF THE RADAR OR BE KEPT DOWN and….. that is the end.

  13. I’ve probably stalked this story more than any other sugar, don’t want to be late for Pt2 😩

  14. And if he were white he would have gotten everything he wanted and more.
    Karma catching up to him, she gonna leave him when he’s broke watch

  15. Some of y’all are still missing it, STEVE & MARY are still married !!!
    And anyone can adopt anyone, you don’t have to be married to adopt someone and change their name.
    DeRadiant1 who are you with this good sugar !! Lol

    1. Man I’m always waiting for @DaRadiant1 to comment cause she be having some good sugar to go along wit G sugar!! I mean She be knowing all kinda shit and i wanna know the same thing you just asked lmao, i want her to give more on Steve and wat he did cause our G & friends be busy but whenever they drop the sugar DaRadiant1 be right behind them wit a follow up and be sprinkling a lil more sugar lol…it was another person that used to kno some sugar too but that person rarely comment anymore and i forgot her name but i kno It when i see It.

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