August 16, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Sunday Hot Takes

  1. I know you said when the deactivation is done , they will let the “deactivated” honor the “activated”. Like Drake was suppose to get his award by Jay Z. I noticed that Patti (Mariah godmom) gave Ariana the award & said she was a “white black woman with soul”. Was Mariah originally suppose to give Ariana that award but said f them ? Could you break that speech down

  2. I thought there would be a higher demand for the Spice Girls? BSB was promoting them hard & even dressed like them on their cruise I was on

    I’m sad about Mariah. Her new album is actually amazing & the first album since the Emancipation of Mimi I listen to without skipping it’s really a shame they are phasing her out. The one good thing for her is her songwriting & publishing royalties she has so she can always stop working if she wants to & I know her fans ride hard for her too. SMH

    1. I agree Mariah can sing her ass off but she doesn’t perform in her shows. All she does is prance around in heels she can barely walk in and have her dancers carry her when she feels like she may fall 🤣.. The kids today have gotten used to seeing people dance and fly around and she doesn’t do anything like that (from what I’ve seen) plus her songs are stuff you can 2-step to, nothing you can really dance to. She should just go to vegas or something. Its not like she needs the money

  3. I’ll never understand why these women who have talent of their own keep looking for ANY man they can to disrespect them publicly. For the love of money and fame smh

  4. So sad for Mariah. She will be doing her Christmas show next weer here in Amsterdam. This concert is not sold out.

  5. I thought it was well known that Rita is dating Andrew Garfield. I also thought Priyanka and Joe made it obvious the wedding was being sponsored with all those “in partnership with” post of theirs.

  6. I’m not shocked at all about Farrah…That was the impression I always had about her. Same with Rita. The Lamar thing took me off guard. I thought he was moving to China or Japan for “opportunities”?

    1. I really thought he would marry that Influencer girl Olivia Culpa. TBH if people were going to sponsor my wedding I would let them too. Lol

  7. I don’t understand what Nicki is doing. I saw the guy she had and said to myself “I guess “ 🤷🏾‍♀️. She could have been with anyone else, I don’t get it.

  8. Whew chile Farrah is a mess
    Lamar Odom whattttt
    Amber wait no I thought a proposal was coming soon
    Wiz I’m not surprised. especially since Winnie has a bad attitude.
    Aunty Mariah say it ain’t so…
    I knew there was something weird about nicks marriage

  9. Winnie Harlow zebra looking ass needs to humble herself. The only reason she’s being booked is because the modeling world is changing and nobody wants the heat. Wiz still in love with Amber I bet.

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