September 26, 2022

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70 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy!! What Happened To Nicki?

  1. I definitely think something is off with nicki I mean her behavior is coming across like a child even the senseless post. I’m not sure what’s going on with her but I definitely feel like she’s spiraling.

  2. It’s no clone. Nicki has always liked jail niggas. She was talking to Meek while he was still in jail and she got with him when he got out.

    Nicki has very bad taste/standards when it comes to men.

  3. The lady running this blog is in many ways no different from that hollywood unlocked guy, only his is for the money yours is for fan reasons,I relate with you though, my heart breaks when some names are in bad news, pride comes before a fall, Nicki probably did not think of the consequences of her actions years back with all the toe stepping and yet you wish people to support her now, please she should have seen the signs with Mariah Carey and Aguilera. She was good to Ariana, so the same is expected,let us be real this is no clone or whatever control, if this isn’t drugs, then this is her with the poor decision. If jayz”s wife is as you claim she is, should this type of deactivation happen to her it will be a tv show like no other. sometimes be nice even if it makes you look stupid. Don’t make enemies to expect friends of them.

  4. She’s definitely cloned! The clones are fat well except Gucci mane. Ain’t that what u said not too long ago. She’s fat when performing and skinny on her IG live videos so I think the clone is the one that performs for her 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. I think shes detoxed or some shit and shes going back to the “real” Nicki. No more Hollywood fake bullshit. She fought with Cardi because she thought she was supposed to. She was even using her real voice in on of her videos(not the annoying one shes been using since she got big). I hope the OG Nicki is here to stay. I loved her

  6. I say .. number 4 for $200? I saw the difference from when she was on stage, the same night S.B. was screaming for her, it looked as though, it wasn’t the same person that was on stage, sitting in that audience talking to Jamie Fox. The one on stage was thinner, and shaped different.

  7. It’s so hard cause i wanna believe this aint what shes really doing but it sounds, moves and looks just like her i feel like shes having a breakdown/crisis #prayersup

  8. I’m not a Nicki fan. But I am a fan of truth. I’ve worked in health care and medical research for awhile and I’ll tell you that cloning isn’t a simple process. It takes preparation and time. Also the cloning process starts as an embryo not an adult. They have body doubles who are people who get surgery to impersonate people but cloning is in the dna process. She is not a clone. She’s a young woman who’s just made some bad choices in her love life and professional life.

  9. I think it’s her, I just think she’s off drugs now and being a lil promiscuous because she’s heartbroken

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