October 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Ask G 2/13/20 The Sugar is in The Answers

  1. Man machine gun kelly been krazy and dam Tina smh…wat about Gunplay?? I see He’s been hanging out with Rick Ross lately

  2. We always talk about American artists selling out. Do artist from the reggae or soca industry participate in rituals as well? Just curious because I saw a really suspect picture of Machel Montano “throwing it up.”

  3. G if you could please do one on ROSALÍA is she also a plant like Billie ir is her blow up real since she blew up in Spain first and are trying to bring her to America like Selena, she gives me a lot of Selena vibes.

  4. Wheewww chilleee MGK is just dirrrttttyyy. Matter of fact, everybody is diirrttyyy….lawd…Thank you G! Keep it coming!

  5. I heard an interesting theory on the death of Selena. Yolanda Saldivar wasn’t just a random person to run Selena’s fan club. She was actually hired by Selena’s father to look after Selena because he found out that Selena no longer wanted to sing and was thinking of leaving the industry. Since she’d been singing since childhood. When they found out what she was considered doing they had her killed because she was worth more dead than alive. I don’t know how true that is but nothing surprises me anymore.

  6. Glad Selena stayed true to herself. Tina was a big ole freak but the same things they do now they did back in the day. Imagine if social media had been available in the 70s and 80s 😗

  7. Lauren London is doing fabulous, I heard the Roc Nation Brunch was to celebrate her sacrificed, which is why she arrived with Giselle !!! That house she didn’t buy bc her credit is bad. Whoever her handler is bought it (diddy) plus The elites are teaching her, bc she’s jealous of Emani and wants all the attention and wants ALL of Nipsey money , Show their showing her what to do too get it. Keep paying attention. And it’s said that YG better be careful they see him as another Nipsey and there scared of him, and if he’s not careful he’ll go to jail or worst!

  8. Oh wow @ Dave East. Pretty funny how celebrities are celebrating ❤️ day showering their partner with gifts, when in reality…well, thanks to y’all, we know the real tea lol

    Smdh Lauren. Let’s see how this plays out.

    soooo, Selena’s dad spilled the beans??? 🤔🧐

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