October 2, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/18/20

  1. I thought Chris was faithful
    Chyna was wrong for playing with Rob
    And why did the team to see Donna
    Why can’t lol frisk be by the kids?
    at this point Rihanna can keep the album

  2. That Rihanna album is probably Going to be trash. Khloe need to mind her business. I been over Chris since he made that comment about only messing with women that have good hair.

  3. I’m ready for the Riri album. I don’t think Rihanna even cares about her personal life ATM or she’d be moving differently. Men shouldn’t be so easy to get her. She did the same shenanigans she did w/Travis she’s doing now w/ASAP right before ANTI dropped (creating buzz to talk about who she’s messing with)

    Riri’s my girl, but she’s not the immature 20 year old trying to make it now. These dudes should be courting Riri not Riri flying over the world to their shows. She’s worth Half billion & has a fashion/lingerie/makeup/fragrance empire & needs to change her maturity level when it comes to relationships.

    While Hassan & her were not going to work due to their cultural differences, she didn’t simply stick around for 3 years for nothing. I’m sure he definitely did more than any of her exes did so why she wants to be seen w/them after gushing so much about Hassan is beyond me

    Chyna got rightfully dragged on Wild n Out. All these celeb men you smashed & you go procreate w/the least relevant Kardashian?

    Ivy Park is already on EBay so I’ll call BS on any sales figures

    Nene is extremely jealous of Kenya & they really could’ve been good friends. Nene should’ve never thought she was too good for RHOA & had to be humbled to come back once those opportunities dried up. Now the ladies aren’t sucking up to her anymore & can carry the show without her, her go-to is this Kenya foolishness

    1. Ivy Park is on Ebay, because people buy it with the intention of flipping it for 2 to 3x what its worth. They do that with any product that is deemed hot and in demand. I’ll wait for it to go on Clearance because I collect adidas and I like that jumper.

  4. I love Rhianna. I think she is a dope girl. But she seems to have disconnect/issues with men/relationships. I have noticed that she has a tendency to double back to men she has been involved with and split from. And she does it often. Drake is a example of this. It is like she doesn’t get the meaning of “ex” lol. You have tried several times, it hasn’t worked, move on. Of course the circle of guys is small that she goes back to, but that is the point…she still goes back in some way. It only drives home that idea that it doesn’t matter how rich, famous, or beautiful you are, if you don’t fix what bugs you, you will never go forward. Rhianna is successful and rich, on this giant planet earth, I KNOW she can find a NEW man that she can click with and be happy with. But until she fixes whatever issue she has, she will be here… in ex fling/boyfriend past. I really hope whatever is bothering Rhi, she can figure it out because having “fun” with the past gets old after awhile.

    As long as it has taken for this album to be released, I hope it is slamming because if NOT, Navy will be pissed.

  5. I swear I have been trying to remain team Nene. But this latest stunt she pulled was really stupid. And for what? Sending a stupid ass letter to the blog?! What kind of purpose did that even serve? She really needs to stop. I mean, I can’t stand Kenya Moore at all. Literally cannot stand the woman. But that was dumb shit to do. She needed to just make up with Cynthia and call it a fucking life. Senseless. As far as Omarion and Fizz, what do you mean he needs to stay away from the kids? I thought he’s been with that girl for a minute. AND around the kids.

    So Moniece must have been spilling tea on her live. I’m so pissed that I haven’t seen the last few lives. I used to catch every one 😫

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