October 4, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/19/19

  1. I feel the same way about Giselle. I can’t explain it, I just know it’s not good. I was never a fan, but the way the world reacts to everything she does is scary to me. They truly do treat her as if she is a god.

    1. same! and I used to be a die hard fan man… like how I am about Rihanna. every song she’s dropped since LEMONADE I’ve been on the rocks about. it even took me time to really get into lemonade. thanks for saying that G because I really felt bad that she’s making me steer the other way but I’m not alone (although you already didn’t like her ass llmao). its like everything I read here, I see it more and more in her face and actions. She’s cracking and it kinda makes me cringe… like she desperate for relevancy..

    2. It is scary and when I’m talking to people about her they be like she gives me life, how can you not like her, she the best but in reality people are just praising her.

    3. beyond scary. Hated this chic from the very beginning. Never cared for her or when she was in the group.

  2. I think gis needs to retire now. Its someone elses turn. But she puts on a good show- she took a lot from michael Jackson’s last show and She takes a lot from other artists. I do find myswlfess and less interested in her projects. Im not sure why.

    Tell me about Epstein!!!

  3. Eddie Murphy clone 😂😂😂 but yeah, Gisele, I appreciate her and er’thing but I’m tired! 😩😒

  4. What do you mean he was ordered to stay another week? Did I miss something in the news or are we speaking about the elites?

  5. G, what’s the deal with this Epstein thing? I haven’t followed it very closely, but from what I understand this has been known and he’s been getting off scott free. What’s changed?

  6. Saw the preview for Cats and she wasn’t bad at all. J Hudson, Jason Duralo and Idris are in it also.

  7. I was never a huge fan of Beyonce but my mom always listened to her. I felt she was overrated and since I found this blog last year and read about her I dislike her even more. I get a weird feeling when I see her like it’s just a body and she is not there.

  8. I know Tom Hanks, Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, Barbara Walters, Alec Baldwin, George Hamilton, Ralph Fiennes, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Spacey, Liz Hurley, Lauren Hutton, Janice Dickinson, Christy Turlington, Henry Kissinger, Joan Rivers, Courtney Love, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Charlie Rose, Richard Branson, Candace Bushnell, Tom Ford, Vera Wang, and Nadia Bjorlin are all associated with Epstein.

    Check out https://www.instagram.com/the_real_hollyweird_is_evil/?hl=en to get the tea on that.

    I never liked Beyonce, so.

  9. Giselle is a great entertainer…horrible actress and I may get buzzed to oblivion but Lemonade was hyped…this Lion King soundtrack is also being hyped…haven’t heard one song that I’ve found worthy of all the praise it’s getting. . And her voicing Nala reminds me of her acting in Austin Powers…

  10. Is Epstein going to get away with it? His connections and how deep this runs leaves me little hope for justice

    1. They are trying to keep a lid on it now. The news coverage is very low. Either they can keep it like this or dead him like they did with Jimmy Saville. It’s a ww network. Sicko fucks.

  11. Rih with a raggae album coming here comes Giselle with an African album I haven’t listened to all the songs but her voice is so dry to me now

  12. As an African girl, I dislike that African singers have collaborated with Giselle. I understand that they do it because after all it’s a lot of publicity for them but fuck you do not need to sing with her, the African music is being recognized worldwide and it is not expected that Giselle will look for a slice as always and then not know their names. What happens that his music no longer serves her and now he has to look for other rhythms I do not think or listen to the album

    1. Chile me too and she got a song out and dressing like the dam sex kitten n shit🤦🏽‍♀️ Lord wat they do for fame and money smmfgdh

  13. So true about Beyoncé and the movie thumbs down her singing wasn’t even good thanks you for all you and heaven do to keep us informed and is her body shaped differently this time like amozon like 🤔 js

    1. I havent Seen the movie and dnt plan on it but on the shaderoom on them pics they posted she look thick af…and jordyn woods in the rick Ross video she look real dam thick too like she bout to be fat a dam gain🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. So Beverly Hill Cop babymama had a mysterious injury, his brother RIP, LastOG hit a whole 18 wheeler, they still wont leave Slickback Pimp alone, his ex wife is still a cougar, Choclate Drop had a scandal, Ratchet Compton chick bombed and had a publicized meltdown, Hightower got fired from all his jobs simultaneously, but IDK its like too much is swirling around comedy for them to just give him mega millions and he isnt producing other comedies besides his own? Like all the other working standups are catching hell but tptb still got plenty money to throw at Dr Klump and he hasnt worked in years? Rewatch the recent Dave special where he talks about secrets coming back to bite people when they least expect it ?

    Do yall realize Giselle had a whole album spitting legits bars but got overshadowed by an epic rap battle last summer? The reason why yall dont like Giselle is she keeps showing the same pattern of not stepping aside and letting others women shine even when it isnt her strong suit. Drummer begging her to stop the torment, Bodyguard going off the deep end, Dreamgirls = shade. Movie with Stringer Bell = shade. etc. She could have easily said let one sister from her protege group be Ariel and let the other be in Lion King and get a cut of both and promote both sisters as a dynamic duo for a the movie soundtrack but instead she sings the lead single herself for no reason. Sad part is the single would have made a bigger impact IF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ON BLACK PANTHER kelly ft. klamar SMDH.

    The reason why Giselle wont ease up? Bcuz she cant read good and exaggerate her emotions onscreen. Wanna know what the real Giselle would really be like? Watch the Cadillac movie drinking smoking swearing lusting after a wyte man i was told she was in a natural element in that movie. So much so that a certain costar made a #1 hit record about her behaviors and her husband had to drop a diss record to end the speculation. Rapperterntsanga and his vocal style really had nothing to do with why he epically got dissed by the Camelman, it was all aimed at actorterntsanga and his #1 record about her intoxication IDK ALLEDGEDLY.

    Do yall notice that Barr got fired show canceled, Walters disappeared from the view and is locked away in her penthouse and even Goldberg wont speak on why Walters left the show, then Goldberg chastised Thorne for her pics being leaked then Thorne finally found a lane to exclaim that she has been abused her entire career ? The Donald works in mysterious ways doesnt he?

    So if Material Girl isnt satisfied with the streaming revenues thus and her old record label was actually the 1st to embrace early streaming sites — wouldnt it make sense to ensure her closest contemporaries get the best terms so she can have a better term for her own music???

    1. I felt she was in her natural element in that movie too it was one scene i said she playing this a lil too good. Especially when she started tripping out in the movie

    2. You’re right I haven’t been seeing julius and at the lion king premiere he looked over it like he’s tired of her

      1. TP featured on a well known song made by an ACTOR who can also SING and drop decent albums and movies. A song about woman who only gets loose off the goose because she feels restricted in life?

        IDK ALLEDGEDLY Giselle encounter with Brody scene was so intense he had to tap out and hold a private meeting with the director to make sure he wasnt overstepping. Vet actors usually rehearse sex scenes so there wont be any meetoo harassment talk years later like can i touch you here or here kiss you or nah when you pump you wanna be on top or just simulate etc? Giselle was super agressive and talking so dirty to him RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE the crew guy said she to have did that on purpose IDK but i was told yeah if she can throw it like that watch out same with MonsterBall.

    3. BuySellKill. wooooooooooow You’re talking about Jamie Foxx! the song Blame It with TP. lmaoooo I didn’t know that track was about Giselle I love that song

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