May 16, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot takes 6/8/2021

    1. Right! And also, define “low on cash” because celebrity broke is totally different than regular folks broke. Lol

  1. I’m glad offset stopped cheating.
    Erica and safaree need to go somewhere
    Lorde no girl don’t do it!
    Robert De Niro noooo he’s a good actor
    Dang Ariana just can’t keep a man
    Winnie has a bad attitude and a colorist don’t feel bad for her
    I like Ashton and mila

  2. I guess his marriage ending is taking a toll on De Niro, lawyers and spousal support ain’t cheap.

  3. I don’t get Jennifer Lopez going from men to men. She can’t stay alone for one second. Moving with Ben Affleck?! She got issues. She jumps from men to men.

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