October 2, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Do You See This BS? Tiffany Haddish Will Be Hosting A New Children’s Show

  1. Tiffany is just another puppet. I definitely understand what you are saying G. This is the agenda they are pushing. Kids should just be kids

  2. This is disgusting. They’re manipulating people’s emotions to make them defend things as harmless or normal.

  3. I’ve been noticing little Jayde doing things with this show & the big booty chik Judy (friends with Tokyo & Supacent)Kaleidoscope. I just Dnt kno wat to think of those kids parents letting them in the industry like that. Also little James too! I did see in Jayde’s mom comments where she was telling someone that she wasn’t gonna let her child do krazy things in the industry..it was something of that nature…i just Shook my head!

    1. I am sad that Jayde’s mom put her in that. I really hope she monitors her interactions with execs and directors and accompany her everywhere

    2. Judy is definitely up to something with signing all of these kids all of a sudden. It’s something more behind it and I’m sure it will be revealed especially since that little girl drowned in her pool recently.. the mother is not taking her baby passing well at all and now judy is trying to move to Atlanta asap

      1. I said judy is fake and want fame. That time supacent was in the hospital her and tokyo was throwing me off something was not right

      2. Ok idk that child drowned in Judy’s pool but hunny she has already moved to atl. That’s just where she lives at now. I noticed It’s another child that has died too. The child is supacent ex bestie stunna but idk wat happened to him he was 10yrs old now her & supa back being friends again.

      3. @Brim yea it was a whole lot going on when supa was in the hospital. Ppl was saying all types of stuff like her friends Tok&Judy had roots on her even said it about her fiancé having it on her too. I also Heard that supa fiancé was/is friends with supa ex bf the one that was locked up i think. They say he was tired of supa & passed her down to his homeboy which now if supa fiancé🤦🏽‍♀️ I also Noticed that supa haven’t really been liking Tok & Judy posts too. So idk wats going in in the NO but they got all types of deaths and all going on there. And have y’all seen supa…she tiny as hell. She’s had sum recent surgeries…tt & body sculpting

      4. Yes this is true. Check out Tracey brown on YouTube. She did a reading on BBJudy and SupaCent.

  4. I seen that part on the preview and thought that was a little rated-R to be saying in front of a lil kid.. although the kid probably didn’t understand but still “ I had that same job at 22” is a little much

  5. I was just talking about Tiffany and this new show with my mother last night. I said, “oh yea she def signed her soul away!” & look how i find this tea out 24 hrs later! Thank you!

  6. I barely watch tv anymore I have like 3 shows that I watch and even I can see the subliminal messaging they are putting in there smh. My daughter’s tv consumption is gonna be VERY minimal.

  7. Shit!!!! honestly G I agree with you. They should be asked : what they wanna be when they grow up? Who they look up too? Do they have pets?

    Innocent and appropriate questions 🤦🏻‍♀️

    This is disgusting, and the sad part is I do not see an end to the elites pushing these sick agendas

    Parents have it so hard now, I’m constantly observing what my 6yr old boy watches.

  8. Yea never been a fan of this normalization of children BABIES acting like adults and pumping their minds with garbage smh. The most impressionable age groups…

  9. Truly disgusting. The parents who let their kids be in the limelight essentially are SELLING them to the highest pedo bidder. All them producers and execs want is fresh meat to abuse and turn out. That Jayde girl is in the danger zone-heck, they all are.

  10. It’s very disgusting, but the parents need some blame too. They need to stop looking at their kids for a check and make sure they’re not being taken advantage of.

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