May 23, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/13/2022

  1. Tony Rock behavior is that of a D-Lister: he calls the man ‘s wife a B during a show. Then publicly challenges him to flight! He’s gonna ride this 15 minutes to sell tickets. Looking ignorant doing it tho.

  2. I hope Amber loses, wicked witch.

    So many of these folks don’t want girls, just men that look like girls. Not surprising.

    Megan needs rehab.

    Kim K is going to cry when she realises she was messing with a swamp thing.

    Mr. Rock, Smith would done you. He’s angry and has trained in boxing.

  3. wow! roc lawyers dont miss huh? that “witness” sure did pop up out of nowhere, just in time to help miss mamas save face. the whole case is a mess and i’m ready for whatever crap they give us….just let it end lol

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