May 16, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Season 12 The Truth Behind P Diddy and Kim Porter ( Did Diddy do it?) Part 2

  1. Idk if u know quatita dean but she did a live and Kim came in saying Diddy sacrificed her. Andre harell also came in it and said he was Diddy bf for years and that he’s snaked anyone who has come in contact with him

  2. So many questions….
    1) What were the notes that Kim had written down pertaining to Diddy?

    2) What made Cassie so upset that she finally left? Or What did Kim say to Cassie to make her leave?

    3) I heard years ago that Shakir was to have been in a compromising situation with another man and the evidence/blackmail lead to his passing. Is there confirmation to this?

    4) What led Al to believe Kim was murdered?
    (Both Al and Diddy didn’t treat Kim right so I’m sure their guilt played a huge part in their grief)

    All in all…. the story is sad considering there are four children who lost their mother at such young ages, and despite fame, money, etc in reality that’s still something that is hard to deal with, and something that they will never get over.

  3. I believe Diddy had something with Kim’s death. She probably knows a lot of his skeletons and if anyone can expose his truth, it could be her.

  4. Diddy Sacrifice Kim…That t-Shirt was the Nail in the Wall!! I believe Cassy left to Save her Life and get out of the Devil Playground!

  5. Do you think Kimora was involved too? Or was she just too scared to speak against Diddy? If she was “so close” to Kim as she portrays, she’s never mentioned how suspicious this all is. What about Kim’s other “bestie” Ebonie? She gives me backstabbing friend vibes..

  6. Did Kim Porter give Cassie the laptop before her passing?And perhaps Cassie gave Diddy the laptop in exchange for her life???

  7. Diddy did it
    Just like he killed tupac biggie
    Pimp c
    Left eye and nipsey he did it
    He even took Justin Bieber’s b2k and ushers virginity and maybe Jamie foxx’s

    1. Wait WHAT? I know the usher rumor but b2k and jb? I thought Chris stokes was b2k and 50 was JB or something like that…

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