October 3, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Get Your Morning Sugar

  1. Megs publicity stunt is over I see lol.. can’t wait to see the changes with the breakfast club especially if theyre getting folks or separating them.. is the yg relationship real or Pr? Solange have nice looking men but doesn’t keep them, whats up with that? cyn I dont care for at all and never will.. she’s been a bopper.. lil yachty played out like migos bc I havent heard nothing from any of them in awhile and I’m so glad!!!!!!!!!! Migos had publicity stunts after publicity stunts smh

  2. YG has never been the relationship type, he couldn’t even maintain one with his two time baby momma who he will probably always go back to.

    Kinda picked up on solange no longer being with her husband , she hasn’t posted him at all like she use to just after they go married!

    Um Cyn is a whole feast so not surprised these men are popping in her DMs, she’s still cancelled tho for that comment she made 🥴🥴🥴

  3. Trey has FINALLY got Meg. Man was working overtime lol.

    I am guessing the Breakfast Club shake up means either somebody is about to quit or be fired lol.

    😂😂 @ Nicki.

    Strange how Kelly and Solange would split from their husbands at the same time. Oh well another one bites the dust.

  4. Anyone who thought dude bought that ring for Nicki is delusional. Shout out to all my boss bitches wifing niggas (DRAKE VC) looking ass marriage… I sure hope she has a pre-NUP!

    1. On Another note… I noticed That beyonce didn’t participate in the Halloween festivities but I did see pics of Jay Z at a party 🤔🤔🤔

  5. We all knew YG and Kehlani and Meg and Moneybagg are industry couples.

    What’s the sugar on Kelly Rowland’s hubby 👀

  6. Cause y was Charlagay dropping it like that wit his wrist moving looking fruity af😂😂😂😂😩😩😩 that was so funny cause when he dropped down he was bouncing or sum too😂😂😂😩😩😩

      1. On TBC but I saw it on The Shaderoom and it was funny as shit cause everybody was goin in on him about being gay. It was yesterday he was dressed up for Halloween chile!

  7. I wish Netflix would reach out to Rudy Ray Moores family, especially if they are struggling, but that’ll never happen.😔

  8. Joe hidden tried to tell yatchy and y’all all called him a hater. Now look…that nigga going broke 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. Lol at your Bhad Babie joke!

    I figured solange and her husband were done it’s been a minute since they’ve been seen together.

    Good for Kelly I heard her husband was a trip. I’m not sure of how true it was

    I’m actually excited about the breakfast club shakeup. They are all doing their own thing so I’m sure whoever is removed will be fine.

    Do you know why Chris Brown wears that wedding ring on his ring finger? It seems like an odd move for a guy his age

  10. I don’t believe YG and Kehlani were ever together in the first place. He had just had a baby with his girl he’s been with forever and Kehlani is clearly more into women than men. That’s exactly wtf Lil Yatchty gets. First off he’s not even a good rapper to begin with and most of music is not good. Joe Budden tried to tell him about that contract but he wanted to be immature and not listen to the old man just because he’s not poppin in music. Now look at him another slave stuck. The fact that he spent money on women he should’ve know was only messing with him because of his fame gives me a headache smh

  11. Nicki a damn fool. All these men out here with money and you marry a bum. He look like he really don’t want her and is saying to himself “I’m only here to get paid”

  12. I like Meg…TS looks good but he seems trifling… Lil Yachty going broke is not surprising- any of these new age rappers actually having money is surprising..was Kelly’s hubby not good to her? Solange’s husband gave me father vibes, not boo vibes even tho she seems mature for her age… YG & Kehlani didn’t seem like a good match even tho she is very pretty. Nobody believed NM about the ring…we know he wears the pants and she brings in the bacon…liked her best with Nas or even the Hamilton guy.

  13. Waiting on that breakfast club tea. Btw. I don’t think Angela Rye and Common are still together. Can you look into that G,?

  14. Off topic but has anybody noticed Mariah Lynn??? She’s had surgery got the butterfly’s all around her i think I even Saw the 1 eye symbol!! She also deleted all her pics except the ones with the new body smh I’m assuming she has sold her soul….LMK Heaven!!

  15. I knew something was up with kelly she’s been in these streets and the interview with her and her husband was a little dramatic

    Solange been gave me a vibe that she and her husband are no longer together

    Woah vicky and bhad babie are annoying

  16. I didn’t think YG and Kalani relationship was real or Meg and money bag it’s all for publicity.. but I don’t think Trey Songs is the way to go for Meg

  17. Why would Nicki marry that jailbird broke ninja? She could have just smashed him and kept him as a boytoy. Is she trying to keep up with the other girls who are married? Being married in the industry is not frowned upon like it used to be. Which is why Rihanna prooooobably wanted to tie the knot with Hassan. No one wants to look like an old spinster. That’s why Wendy Williams jumped wig first into new relationships

  18. Meg is a gigantic fad that will be over very soon. He only wants to fuck her. Hopefully she will make all the money she can, put her clothes on, finish school and be a boss and not an ignorant acting Cardi-eques character

  19. There is a video on the shade room of Meg N MoneyBag Yo “supposedly” from Halloween and she was backing that thang all up and around him.

  20. Not surprised about Cyn. When all u have is looks, u gotta be a hoe to sustain ur lifestyle.

    Kelly should’ve never married that man

    The breakfast club should’ve been made changes.
    Charlemagne needs his own show so sumbody can really beat his ass like it need to be beat

    Solange gives zero fucks about outsiders. She does what the fuck she wants. She just had a whole divorce party. She always been the smart one out of both the sisters.

    Yall Queen scream she don’t fuck with broke niggas. Had some nuthn ass money dick in her life and still married a nuthn ass broke nigga…classic lack common sense shit🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Woah Vicky can catch her anywhere and will beat her ass

    It was all publicity for both Megan and Moneybagg. Can’t nobody resist Mr. Stealyourgirl🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kehlani not it. Period

    Rudy Ray family better go on somewhere. Should’ve made smarter choices when he was alive and even better choices when he died

  21. I knew Nicki bought that ring when ole boy was talking shit about “cutting someone finger off” dummy that means you didnt buy it.

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