May 16, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Truth Behind The Devin Booker and Ben Simmons Beef

  1. I love the NBA tea it is always the best. G, tell us about the NBA handlers. So they athletes have handlers like thw other celebrities and if so. Tell us ir hint to us who handles who.

  2. Good for Jordyn! She found someone who serious about her! Not just trying to play games like these other boys

  3. LMAO how was that gonna last when the Klan doesnt DO Philly ( or Cleveland ) ? Big Ben was on his rookie deal as a #1 pick , meaning everybody in his same draft class year generally has to wait to see if he gets resigned for a MAX DEAL 1st , then the dominoes in the rest of the players can set their own values based on Ben stats . IDK Ben was warned NOT to chase Bron ( or women ) to LA because his stats would take an even further hit and jeopardize his MAX DEAL , meaning its best for him to stay in PHI and resign 1st then MAYBE once Bron retires ( OMG Bron is 38 yrs old ) he can trade to the Lakers .

    Khole thought TT was gonna follow Bron to Lakers once he resigned in CLE 1st ( $ign & trade ) , but the LAKERS DIDNT WANT TT SLOW BUTT because they got A.D. instead , AND KHOLE JUMPED RIGHT INTO Harden DM ASAP ( $200M ) BUT HARDEN WAS NEVER GOING TO LEAVE TEXAS UNTIL THE NEW OWNER REALIZED HIGHEST PAID IN NBA HARDEN CANT BEAT BRON BY HIMSELF and traded for Russell and it still wasnt enough SMH ! Once the Lakers won the easy title last season the owner felt it was useless to pay both and GOT RID OF BOTH RUSSELL AND HARDEN FROM HOU LOL !

    Follow so far ? Now young Lonzo already had beef with Rivers ( former #1 pick ) and his own teammates in LA over women but Big Daddy Ball told Magic , if Magic was really going to quit the job ( before Mamba passed ) , please get his son to a better team so LONZO ( #2 pick ) can get a MAX DEAL of his own AND FORBADE ALL HIS SONS FROM DATING A KLAN SISTER . Now Booker is going to eliminate Bron from playoffs and be 1st in line to get a MAX DEAL from PHX , but can Ben eliminate HARDEN KD and KYRIE from the playoffs all by himself ? Ben had to stay in PHI at all costs because HE CANNOT SCORE 30+ pts a game against other star players , he only dominates scrubs and bench players so if he cant beat the HARDEN KD KYRIE and BLAKE super team by himself without Joel ( Joel is always injured but JOEL IS THEE TALLEST UNSTOPPABLE PLAYER IN THE NBA when hes not hurt ) what would be the point of them paying Ben a MAX DEAL ?

    PMK got mad at poor JW because she tried to get cool with TT and his teammates so she could jump on the NBA gravy train sorority line on her own BUT PMK WANTS HER CUT so JW was put on timeout and sent to the Twin Cities , look up the game where Ben AND his teamate Joel BOTH JUMPED KAT ( JW new boo ) IN THE SAME GAME LOL ! KAT ( #1 pick ) is guaranteed a MAX DEAL because MIN ( small market ) cant afford to let him leave since before G.Floyd the MIN cops used to beat their hometown NBA players ALL.THE.TIME , JW went from getting chastized by her aunt JPS , TO BAGGING THE UPCOMING HIGHEST PAID PLAYER IN THE NBA ( new money ) !

    PS = is the ” level up ” queen Mrs Wilson REALLY trying to get her husband ( highest paid NFL QB ) traded to NYG because the heirs of the team are looking to sell the team since the longtime owner passed + the longtime coach is ready to retire too ?

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