August 15, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/21/2019

  1. Umm I don’t know about the Nicki thing I really feel people are underestimating her abilities at this point! Nicki has always been able to bounce back every year a new artist has done better and was said to take her place…..

  2. What did drake do to riri ? I’m assuming they are pushing for Ariana if it’s true she did sacrifice mac. I feel bad for nicki and no one helps her smh thanks G for the sugar!!

  3. That’s what I really want to know and it seems like nobody could answer that ? What did drake do to Rihanna?

  4. A while back Kylie and Khloe’s emails got exposed and in the emails they were talking about cancelling Rob and Chyna and threatening to stop filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians if they don’t.

    1. No That girl got pregnant in January 2017… Rihanna started dating Hassan in October of 2016

  5. Nicki will be great on the big screen, once she gets started she’s gonna love it and be like damn i should have been did this.

  6. Ok chyna I see you lol

    The Whitney Houston stuff is just ugh.

    But r.kelly ain’t going to jail at all

    1. I dnt Think RKelly going to jail either

      Off topic but the Colin Patrick dude or wateva his name is…is he down also?? Did he sell out?? If G has done a breakdown on him idk about it but if so let me kno please. I saw Something on a page on IG about him from the Met Gala that caught my attention

      1. kapernick😂…I wonder what’s going on with the dude Jason Mitchell from straight out of Compton and the chi.

      2. Girl shit i be Forgetting his dam name😂😂😂😂 And i wonder Wats going on with them/him too lmao are u saying Jason Mitchell played in both shows???? Shit man alot of times i have To google these ppl i dnt Be knowing them😂😂😂

  7. If they did it with Queen I’m sure they can do it with anything else. I’m so sad for her I’m riding for her till the wheels fall off whatever she decides to to I’ll support.
    I want to know what drake did to my Robyn

  8. where is the backstory on rih & drake? you posted get on the blog, all i see is question, the same question we all have.

    1. Yeah I thought she said she had some new info, this is the same thing you can read on any other blog about the situation.

    2. Hot takes and what she’s going to post about drake and rih is two different things and when she say get on the blog, she’s basically telling people who haven’t join to come join.

  9. I JUST saw the advertisement for Whitney’s hologram tour… Smh. Beyond sad.

    Well you did tell us that Drake did something terrible to Rhianna. I remember you saying the plug didn’t give you specifics, BUT did say it was to the point of NO return for Rhianna. So I really don’t expect much between these two.

  10. Um 2019 has just begun and Ariana already has the best selling album 🤔 I use to like this bish but now I’m really suspicious that she sacrificed Mac or she’s doing a hell lota other things for the elites!

    Well.. I don’t blame Rih, Drake is a snake 🙄 and honestly Nicki girl listen to G and get into acting many times girl how many times 😩

  11. Riri is saving Drakes neck because he kissed her on national stage — but they were on different initiation levels at the time. He broke serious protocol so It like when sorors are pledging and can’t be socially with randoms or non Greeks until they cross over ALLEGEDLY IDK.

  12. You definitely been telling Nicki to start acting for a min!!! Ariana #1 👀 you called that one too!!! Rih been cool off of Drake and it seems like she cool off of music too!! I feel like some of the K’s did stop Chyna bag.

  13. Didn’t I told y’all that Pat was spending up Whitney’s money around the time when Krissy ended up in the hospital? Of coarse I did! Pat brought a brand new Jaq from Buckhead the day before Krissy had died. Receipts are online if you don’t believe me.

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