July 1, 2022

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23 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Doxxing Did Cardi B Just Doxx A You Tube Blogger?

  1. Doxxing? We dont care about that firls ugly ass or spirit bc that poc tells the tale… ole girl better do a couple rituals but Cardi stromg af… this chick about to be embarassed bc she already a punk ass

    1. I agree this blog tàkes things and twists them all the time. Bloggers like her continue the beef. I stopped watching her channel when I realized the negativity all of the against Cardi, Megan, Doja Cat.

      1. How about armon that makes videos about Nicki dragging ever since she blocked him?

  2. You didn’t post the retweet Cardi did that had everyone saying she shaded Nicki. Also, Cardi clearly had blogs that are going to bat for her that she has talking about other women. Need to be fair across the board and say something to Jason too. He clearly never even met Nicki but talks about her worst and talks horrible about Meg too, “her friend”

  3. working overtime, leaving out information AGAIN… Cardi was also talking about black women…. why doesn’t she tell her BFF Jason lee to stop slandering Megan & Nicki huh??? CARDI been shading Nicki for MONTHS. Maybe you should tell Cardi to stop the obsession and put her second album out instead of always arguing with ppl wishing HIV on them and stuff. Weird ass bitch… Disgusting and vile. Not surprised tho 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Wtf, is this the cardi rebuttal blog? She can sue Cardi, when I look at what cardi posted I definitely learned a lot about this women and it was all bad!! I hope she gets some money from her. Cardi should of been canceled before the dababy for the stuff she has said! Y’all have become very pathetic and sad. Cardi is not doing this because she pregnant , this is what she does to people especially black women! Cardi is not the first celebrity to be pregnant and not the only celebrity talked about on blogs yAll sound pathetic.

    1. G been on so b.s lately. Heavenly Hollywood always keep it real. G kissing ass now. We have to question everything she put on this blog now because she not tell the whole story about this women. But if it was Beyonce or kanye, Kim or nicki. She will tell all on them.

  5. G YOU not being real about your reporting. Cardi have been going after black blogs for 3 years now. All of them are black women. She think everybody have to kiss her fake ass. And G you kiss her ass too I see. I been on this blog since 2018. You was real about your reporting. Now you kissing ass to a women you know have done nasty things to other people. Blogs talk shit all the time. She is no different from the other rappers and singers. Everybody get talk about. G do better I guess you won’t tell all because she might sue your ass. It’s your blog that’s why you made it so
    you can tell all. Now you not spilling the tea no more because of a woman who can’t control her emotions. Girl bye. Next story please.

  6. Cardi has a history of half reading and reporting things about black bloggers to get mentioned in the media. She never has this same energy for white media outlets. If she has infiltrated a black blogger then she makes it a point to target them. She may have gotten her case dropped by TK which was valid but BTB didn’t deserve this and she has a very valid claim against Cardi which I hope she wins

  7. People were saying she shaded Nicki not because of the Wap tweet, but because she retweeted a tweet one of her fans made Saying you don’t have to Brag about your impact on something when it’s already known or whatever. This happened after Nicki made her post about Anaconda and the records it broke and we know bodak yellow broke a record for something a few days ago. So people assumed she was being petty to cardi.

    Cardi clearly can’t handle the public opinion side of fame and at this point she never will be able to. She just gonna have to let her emotions get the best of her and tie her into something she has no control over. It is what it is.

  8. Why do y’all want every blog to hate cardi. This always starts with y’all fans! Cant genuinely love all artist or simply don’t entertain the ones you do not like. Always have to start a beef or force a beef. Then say she beefing with black blogs. That woman is pregnant STOP HARASSING HER!

  9. It’s been what, 4 years now since Cardi has been in the game? At this point this is just who she is. She hasn’t learn and neither has her team.

  10. Damn why is everyone so mad in these comments? G has always been fair to both cardi and nicki and gives them both the same treatment. I see there are a bunch of barbs in the comments. Cardi didn’t do anything wrong because what she posted was public record so she can’t be sued, that was the point of the article and that was the point G made.

  11. Off2Cheat must be cheating again. 😒 Why on earth is Cardi always commenting on the negative? Instead of writing comments, perhaps she should concentrate on writing her own raps. Like frfr, does she have notifications for her hashtag? With all the cars, houses, and Birkins, no way would I argue with a blogger. Seems like there would be many other ways to spend my time especially while I’m pregnant. I used to like Cardi but her antics outweigh my interest in her music. She needs media training and to stay off social media.

  12. You are such a LIAR, cardi DID shade Nicki AND is always horrible to black women. Ebony; black tea blog DOES have a case. Lawyers and paralegals have said so!!! I can’t believe I paid for this sometimes. Where’s jayde!!!! I can see why people think cardi pays you, you don’t even post what she retweeted; FAKE no integrity at all!!!

  13. Lol this blog so damn wack now and yall can’t even hide it. Straight kissing that girl botched ass. All yall quite as hell including her wen blogs like jason lee bash Nicki and megan everytime. Jason was literally bashing megan last week and said he told cardi to stop messing with her, but she scared to tell him to stop bashing meg doe smh coming in here less and less.

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