October 3, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Bet You Didn’t Know That

  1. The boy does look a lot like Cam I would get a DNA test if I was Jim. Selena Gomez is probably a big freak, it’s always the quiet and seemingly innocent ones (trust me I know 😊)

    1. Yep he looks a lot like Cam…I’m just gonna assume Jimmy got a DNA test especially if he knew about Cam & his bm!

  2. I remember that pic of Ella mai and H.E.R With queen latifah it was around the time that Boo’d up & Best Part was being played everywhere. Ooo chile.

    Selena hot in the ass, she been doing this from young it’s all she know probably. Poor abused thing.

  3. Already knew about Selena. I would honestly be surprised if Jimmy hasn’t gotten a test by now. When I saw HER do that creep ass commercial I knew what was up but I’m not surprised. She been in the game since she was a kid and they been tryna break her out. Wouldn’t be surprise if she was an industry plant

  4. When Jim posted that pic above, EVERYONE commented that Pudi was twinning with Cam and not him. The resemblance is uncanny. These niggas dirty and always love sharing vaginas. I don’t get it. Jim probably knows it ain’t his biological son but loves him anyway. Knowing these Harlem dudes, they probably got a bet to see who cracks under the pressure to get a dna test first. The loser has to pay for college.

    1. I figured the same. Jim is not a fool…I’m sure he knows, but it’s clear that he adores Pudi (is that Jim’s only child?) and he accepted long ago to raise him as his own. That just makes me respect Jim more. I’m sure he and Cam have had conversation about it. Hell, for all we know, Pudi knows the truth too.

  5. Y’all who done killed Pop Smoke🤦🏽‍♀️ Who sacrificed him already 😱🤦🏽‍♀️ He was only 20yrs old smh i loved his voice

    1. I second that! Please G because I can’t believe this! Heard it was connected to the rolls royce situation smh. He was so young!!

    1. It’s like another Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant situation lol. Bobby’s oldest son looks just like Ralph smh

  6. I’m shocked but isn’t it true that nebby stole from Drake, wasn’t she getting busy with other OVO members. I’m sure she’s been with other men in the industry to get an reaction out of Drake.

  7. Ewwww Selena!!

    And hell, the older Jim Jones son gets, the more identical he looks to Camron! I started noticing the resemblance a couple of years ago and was like hmmmm.

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