May 16, 2022

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8 thoughts on “The Truth About The Man Who Started The Nicki Minaj Hate Train The Most Powerful Man In Hollywood

  1. I haven’t seen Miley promote Queen at all. Maybe comment a few times or like some pictures but promote/ support it? Nope.

  2. Wait, so black hits are fine but pop records are blackballed. Then who blackballed her from all the HipHop/ rap records? Why aren’t they playing her music on any HipHop station at ALL? Jay-Z?

    And also why did Miley’s last album not perform that “good”? she did like 40-50K first week sales, wouldn’t they push her more if she was so valuable to Disney?

  3. lmaooo. everyday Nicki minaj. miley is not even sellibg like that, if her dad is that powerful…

  4. Ehh one thing these PEOPLE don’t realize us god and the powers that be a very real. And God don’t like ugly. Nicki will continue to prosper with her black hits, she’s doing just fine.

    If anything the hate train made ppl love and rep her more, so it back fired. She gets constant love on IG now from everyone.

    In the long run, the truth and talent will ALWAYS win. Racism, sexism, and pedophilla can all go to hell. Period.

  5. That was actually nice of Miley seeing as though she knows how much power she holds she could’ve used it against Nicki Minaj. My thing is I never thought Nicki Minaj saying that to her was that deep. I thought it was just a joke and they were going to laugh it off. But I’m guessing a black woman wasn’t allowed to even play like that.

  6. So when Nicki was on queen radio saying Miley was sucking dick for tracks that was after the apology?

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