October 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Megan Thee Stallion’s GQ Cover & Rapper of The Year Award

  1. My thing is….. this shit cost!! She just got herself into another bad deal! Where is she going to make this money up at? No show money. She def ain’t making the money off of pure sales. She can’t tour. It’s not even a bunch of festivals going on like Cardi did to make money. Yeah she got that fashion nova deal but please… ain’t that many damn long pants to pay back for awards and magazines she didn’t technically earn. This isn’t going to end good. It’s just not the right timing to recoup the money.

    1. I agree…even though Cardi couldn’t tour because she got pregnant she did bounce back and was able to make her money elsewhere.

  2. They don’t want her “true image” to come out. Instead, they’re trying to portray her as this strong character/voice for black women but this girl is so lost and is digging a deeper hole for herself. She has nobody around her to protect her so she has no choice but to play by industry rules.

  3. Chile I’m over this situation…all of them that was together when it happened is saying a whole bunch of nothing 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. It’s funny how people called shenanigans on this whole situation. Now RN wants to control the narrative with their money and access to any and every resource. I hope we aren’t stupid enough to fall for it. I guess time will tell.

  5. Kelsey did say she never took no hush money in a comment but idk and idc about this situation. Megan is in it for the long run🤷🏾‍♀️.

  6. The push to cover this up makes her look guilty. Im sorry I can’t sympathize with her, regardless of what happen. She is covering up too much.

  7. Megan isn’t an established artist nor has her 1st album even dropped to gauge what kind of success she will have

    Who has this many features on a 1st album?

    & then to have a Giselle collaboration this early?

    Roc Nation is so hell bent on copying Riri’s career except for everything they’re doing, Rihanna was 4-5 albums in & established as a global pop superstar icon w/a diehard fanbase

    & it’s hilarious bc Jay didn’t even believe in Rihanna like that & wanted to keep Tierra Marie instead. That’s why I laugh when Jay tries to take the credit bc he really hasn’t been involved in Rihanna’s career in a long time, Jay Brown has. Everyone thought Rihanna was a one-hit wonder & she had to fund a lot of her early projects herself that she unknowingly knew until she almost went bankrupt

    Jay can buy off all these publications & awards but how will this help RocNation’s bottom line if the real success isn’t giving them a ROI? They have no idea what kind of success she’s going to have & they’re pulling out all the stops most new artists don’t receive this fast not knowing whether or not they will be a success or flop

    Megan is renting air bnb’s bc she really isn’t making any money like that since she’s not touring & these new deals I’m sure Jay is taking a huge chunk of that money. The savage remix proceeds went to charity

    It’s not just “a few ppl on SM” that either side w/Tory or feel there’s something missing from the story. There’s also ppl questioning Meg overall, including real lawyers bc she hasn’t been consistent in her recollection of events & if all these other things allegedly happen, why is it being revealed now in random interviews & IG lives & not to the police or the lawyers?

    It sounds like what one of the lawyers said that there was a struggle over the gun & it went off & accidentally grazed Megan’s foot & the biggest thing for me is there’s no gun residue.

    It’s definitely going to be interesting when the Kardashian lawyers swing this case in Megan’s favor

    1. When it is all said and done, Meg will have dug a hole so deep she won’t be able to climb out. These labels are desperate right now. 2020 and Covid has jacked their bottom lines. They are pushing Megan because Roc Nation probably thinks she is a sure bet to bring in some cash/attention. But when it’s over, the only ones who may see a recoup will be Roc Nation and Roc Nation alone.

  8. They dont want us to know Meg betrayed her friend bad narrative for hot girls bn she’s supposed to close to her friends would have her fanbase look at her different

    1. I honestly feel that this whole big thing between them was a made up story and just another distraction. Tbh nothing added up at a from the way beginning. Just my opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. I am so over Meg and her Shenanigans at this point. It only seems natural that she would lay down with the devil Jay Z. I stopped believing Meg almost immediately after this “shooting” and trust me on this..I am DV survivor, advocate and the mother of a 23 daughter who was murdered in an act of DV.. so I very rarely will say something isnt right about a DV accusation. But nothing about this ever sat right or came together for me. From the moment she stepped out of the car…I was like….what shooting victim do you know, who has been shot in both feet…which are what…96% bone…is able to hop out of a truck and walk backwards calmly across the pavement and not be screaming and falling out in pain?? Until I saw the injuries and was like..oh, because that’s from broken glass and/or possibly a light graze

    1. SAME!!!b I’m a DV survivor, and I knew from the jump something was off. Shes trash for making a mockery of violence in the black community. It’s so many young girls being hurt by family, partners and just random a$$ n*ggas.

    2. I totally agree as a DV warrior/survivor .. if somebody shot me I’m putting you in jail!!! Period!!! The whole story doesn’t add up never has to me! If you notice she’s the only on that keeps talking!!! And the guilty usually does that.. she is not being truthful!! I don’t jump on bandwagons I do my own critical thinking and I think she lying

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