July 6, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesday 12/29/2021

  1. I’ll be glad when this is over … the thing is who will remain on top in the industry. Her or Him… 🤔

  2. I must be missing something. She’s mad at LeBron for rapping/singing Tory Lanez songs? Definitely glad when this is over. That’s some bs.

  3. Lol the man don’t give a damn! This nigga has BEAUTIFUL wife AND a side chick at the same damn time and she expects loyalty Lmaoooo. But agreed what’s the damn verdict so we can move the hell on my goodness

  4. Meghan needs to her over herself. A lot of people don’t believe her version of events. She needs to let the courts handle it and move on.

  5. Man fuck Meg and her lying entitled ass.. what she think, she’s the Queen or something (and I’m not referencing Nicki exactly, even tho she really is the mfn queen).. but really tho, she needs to get over herself.

  6. Lol sis thought she was at a level she ain’t at yet trying to contact lebron directly like he gonna pick up like hey stallion wassup. I’m weak.

    Also sorry to tell you Megan but the whole protect black women act won’t get someone like lebron cancelled cause he’s very protected by black women off the simple fact he’s openly married to a black woman and had black kids *even though he cheats on her left and right that’s beside the point haha* now if he had a white girl for a wife you might’ve been able to pull that card lol

    She’s just upset that he has such a big platform and isn’t on her side. Boohoo.

    1. I like Meg, but she has some nerve trying to govern who people listen to. The media has shown her to move like a snake and have no loyalty when it comes to other females so she has no right to demand loyalty from anyone.

  7. I’m just still confused on why she is on a mission to get everybody against him or not to talk to him. That shit sounds very suspicious and makes her look crazy af. People are grown af… let them choice who they want to fuxk with it.

  8. Do her and Lebron have any type of relationship (platonic or not), cause if not, why would she expect loyalty from him?

  9. Megan really think she top notch shit, that man doesn’t care about her at all. LeBron been supporting Tory and ant going to stop because she’s mad.

  10. LOL, Meg really is letting those yes men get into her head if she thought she was at THAT level! Like…reading this really made me chuckle out loud.

    I admit, when the shooting first happened I felt bad for Meg for about 3.6 minutes…but facts didn’t add up almost immediately for me. So now I just side eye her and want the case ( and her) to go away

  11. Meg needs to just wait until the verdict comes out. Stop trying to get everyone to hate Tory. Once the TRUTH comes out THEN let people choose sides.

  12. LMAO it’s lebron james. I know you the shit per the recording academy but um you ain’t got pull like that miss mamas.

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