September 26, 2022

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38 thoughts on “PR Diaries : The Stories We Use To Whisper About On These PR Steets

  1. I use to have a mentor told me the same thing about Doddy cheating and leaving Kim for Jlo, it was the big whispers back then.

  2. I have no words for Tom Hanks other than “disgusting.”

    I’m not saying KP was right to call her racial slurs but she did see through JLo. JLo was not about to proudly take care of Puff’s offspring that were not her own. Kim was a fool to stay with Puff but knowing you should leave a toxic relationship and actually leaving a toxic relationship is easier said than done.

    The Alicia news is not completely shocking. So was she ever in a relationship with Krucial (sp?) her old producer?

    Thanks G!

    1. Lil Kim even said jlo was using him not for money but for other things…well shit I don’t blame her for not wanting to be a step mom especially if you ain’t got kids of your own but kp that was your karma for leaving al for Diddy and let him be your son pops. He never respected Kim it seems like

      And you right some people have the strength to leave a toxic situation and some it takes time.

      1. Well it’s not really if she didn’t have kids, she witnessed some stuff she ain’t want to be apart of no more nothing wrong with that

  3. I’m surprised i was able to google the elite daughter that exposed things. Also was shocked but not to shocked that she’s actually still alive, seems like the elites have no problem
    Harming others but can’t do it to their own. All just sickening!

  4. Tom Hanks is true tea, I mean even now he posts unexplainable random pics of Childrens shoes on his Instagram almost taunting the fact he may have just molested or abused yet another child. Sick man but good actor

    Kim & JLo, hmmmmmmm. Jennifer loved Diddy, she’s always said that but between the cheating, court case & the physical abuse he tried on her, she wised up & left. She would have raised & probably had his babies, JLo is far from a racist & if it were JLo saying racial slurs to Kim it would have been a problem right? Kim was mad at herself for cheating on & leaving the man that loved her for a good for nothing, on the DL cheating ass player, she shouldn’t of been mad at JLo but hey, that’s what some women do I guess.

    I heard Alicia & Xtina also got it on around the era of Xtina’s ‘Stripped’ album as Alicia wrote & produced a song(s) On Her album, she was even in her MTV ‘Stripped’ documentary too.

  5. My cuzin was on a tour years ago with DMX and others she was talking to sum Guy with them ,but a show they did Alicia was there with her supposed girlfriend a white girl so she was out there showing she was fully gay with braids doing that time

  6. Was never surprised about Alicia I knew she used to be a top. 😂😂 now that Tom Hanks 🙀😿 so sad 😞. And that Diddy love triangle yikes. I wish it was reversed to see how it would’ve played out if J-lo was the one that stayed.

  7. Gina I read hiding in hip hop years ago. You you do a post on the book? Did the elites get mad at Terrance Dean for writing the book. I couldn’t figure out everyone he mentioned in the book

    1. I want G to do a post on that book because I read it years ago too and I couldn’t figure everyone out either.

    2. I have had this book for several years and never got around to reading it. I knew there would be some juice in it! I rediscovered it while unpacking at my place and will be picking that up next.

      Good question. I wonder if people got mad at him for writing it.

  8. Hanks?!?! OMG…speechless. This hurt me. 😔😯.

    After seeing a Alicia picture of her looking like a full blown stud. I knew she was the “top” and it confirmed for me she was bisexual and got down with other women in her earlier days. Too each their own hopefully one day she would admit it, but I do not think that would happen.

    Does anyone know if any of Alicia Keys faamous song was about any women she dated?

    1. I know!I think she is quite content with Mashonda hanging out with alicia is a dream come true. Did Alicia write her own music? i remebner she did have a book of poetry that had a FEW poems that were turned into songs..

  9. Well judging by the video that was recently posted with Alicia, Mashonda and Swizz beats it sure looks like Alicia is more in love with Mashonda than her husband

  10. Hiding in Hip Hop is a must read!! Your favorites won’t be your favorites anymore. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t continue to read it.

  11. Alicia is gay as hell its so obvious too also Kim and jlo saddens me Diddy is a dog and probably got a kick out if it

  12. I think I am more shocked about the Tom hanks tea because he is one of my fav actors and I am hurt to hear that he is part of this nonsense. I always wondered what happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar. She fell off after Buffy and hasn’t really done anything good since then.

    i am sure JLO doesn’t regret leaving Diddy and she did the right thing, Had she stayed, she would’ve been dealing with the shenanigans of a DL brother. There is no point. Kim only dealt with that because she was a gold digger.

    Alicia keys- People have been saying that she was gay but i didn’t want to believe at first but she was putting out that vibe way too strong in the beginning. But then she got feminine and I got over it. Something tells me that Alicia/Mashonda/Swizz gets it on all the time behind closed doors frequently.

  13. That’s Sad about Tom Hanks that hurt me smh , Kim,Jlo and Puff that’s crazy even though when him and Jlo broke up he made it known she ” was the one that got away” he’s still in love with her today and When I first saw Alicia Keys she gave me that vibe braids and all she was like that

  14. I guess I am the only one who never saw the J-Lo and Diddy relationship as a true love story. Diddy loved J-Lo for his own narcissistic reasons and J-Lo saw an opportunity, Nothing more nothing less.

  15. Is it me or I missed Jlo not putting out her condolences to Puffy and the kids? I understand that she may have reached out to him privately but I thought it was kind of odd

  16. All I can say about Tom hanks is I saw the shoes and all the other clothing items he posts. 💔💔💔 Those poor kids

  17. G, can you do a post on the Hiding in Hip Hop book? I read it when it first came out and was trying to figure out everyone in the book.

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