October 6, 2022

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37 thoughts on “PR Diaries : The Stories We Used To Talk About On These PR Streets.

  1. I heard that’s why Hawthorne was canceled which is sad cuz that was a really good show. They had crazy chemistry on there, I figured as much

  2. WOW..how can you have a real marriage that people take serious if everybody sleeping with everyone else all the time it’s crazy. Regardless of how much money u got. I get it but I don’t get it.

  3. Thank you G! You be right on time…I knew something went down with Jada and Mark. But how is Will’s side chick so out in the open commenting on Jada’s posts? And why Jada went on her rant a few weeks ago talking bout she can only love someone so much or whatever, if she was creeping too?

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