October 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Monday PR Diaries (The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These PR Streets)

  1. Scorpio’s are something else, they’re the epitome of ‘do as I say not as I do’… He was cheating yet wanted to beef Will because he had a feeling that they wanted JLo in a threesome? Man, he ain’t shit!

    But G, HAS JLo ever done threesomes, if so with whom? I shouldn’t even ask this as I LOVE JLO 😩

  2. Mariah & Da Brat were scissor friends? 😳
    I’ve never gotten that vibe from MC she always acts holier than thou… 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. It makes to sense to me only reason she would go that way, is simply because she doesn’t have to do anything. Once Wendy on her radio show, said, she can tell Mariah Carey is just a person that lay still during sex because she doesn’t want to sweat or mess up her makeup 😂 also predicated Angelina and brad wouldn’t last because he’s a Midwest boy and she’s too adverse to live that simple lifestyle he was raised on.

  3. Kanye sarcasm is so much like my fiancé it hurts 😭 what they both have in common is a passing of a loved one, e.g., his parents and grandparents, and as an adult not fully coming to terms with it. I can see why he can come off standoffish and is undeniably an asshole because I have one myself. I’m lowkey taking notes from Kim, tho I say I’m doing better for holding off on settling with a ring and kids to someone who doesn’t love them self.
    Also I agree about Kim wanting one father for her kids, and it’s just simpler. The perfect opportunity for her to leave would be when Kanye career/life is going so great, she won’t feel bad to counteract against it.

  4. The nerve of Diddy and all the guys like him they are the worst. Kim and Kris didnt make sense together anyway but karma is my favorite woman. From what I’ve heard Kim and Kanye dont have the perfect marriage they portray. I give them another a year or year in a half.

  5. Diddy is a nut.. I have no more to say about him as he is just a total asshole and always will be.

    MC doesn’t seem like someone to roll that way but I wouldn’t be surprised she didn’t let Da brat have a taste on a drunken night..not surprised with Christina..
    Do MC acknowledge Christina’s existence?Not sure if she does.
    I am just glad that Kris Humphries is not in stardom anymore. He needs to keep it that way. obviously he sees how it is and living a normal life is the way to go..

    1. nope and that is one of th ereasony why Mariah isnt a full blown bisexual the brat was her only one ever i think

  6. When the Brat was released from prison MC was married to Nick. MC shouldn’t have been mad 😡 but I can see it…..I guess

  7. I knew Kim and Kanye was messing with one another when she was still married. I remember when consequence was beefing with Kanye. He was doing interview and let it all out. Stating how Kanye would used his place to meet up with Kim.

  8. Kim was messing with Kanye when she was with Reggie too! Even when he was with Alexis… when Amber was with her girlfriend that got with some dude from a RNB group, I for who they were… that was all in the tabloids.

  9. I think Kanye meant he will get his security to rip Kris Humphries face off lol… he ain’t built like that but karma comes back in many forms lol

  10. Who else has Da Brat been with??? I’ve never really heard of who she has been with cause she never have anybody and i never hear or have heard about her being with anyone. MC is a first.

  11. I read somewhere that Kim is doing exactly what kris did with Khloe with north that north is actually Reggie bushes baby and also that Kylie’s daughter isn’t Travis’s either who knows

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